Quality windows are key for energy efficiency and curb appeal. New windows are also a big investment for your home. It’s important to understand the process for replacing your windows from the start. Follow our step-by-step guide to help you through the process for replacement windows in Jacksonville, Florida.


Step 1 – Determine if you need replacement windows

Before you spend money on new windows, schedule a window inspection. A professional window technician will evaluate your windows to determine if replacement windows are your best option.


It’s time to consider replacement windows if your windows are older than 10 years. Depending on the quality and lifetime care of your windows, they may last up to 20 or 25 years; however, many windows need to be replaced after 10 years. If your windows have damage or problems, including difficulty opening or closing, broken locks, excess condensation, rotting wood or air leaks, it’s time to consider new windows.


A sudden increase in your energy bill is another sign that your windows have lost energy efficiency and may need replacing. Consider upgrading your windows from single-paned to double-paned windows for added home energy efficiency.


Step 2 – Decide the best type of window for your home

Once you’ve determined new windows are necessary, then decide the best type of windows for your home. Make this decision in line with your budget and the recommendation of your trusted window company. Windows are available in many different materials and styles. In most cases, double-paned, low-e glass replacement windows are recommended. These windows are top quality and offer added energy efficiency.


Aluminum windows and vinyl windows are both solid options for replacement windows. For limited budgets, vinyl windows offer a more affordable option than aluminum windows. While vinyl windows are still a quality choice, aluminum windows offer superior quality for replacement windows for Jacksonville homes.


Also, consider the style of window you want for your home. It might be a great time to add a bay window to your home for added internal space and external design interest.


Step 3 – Find a quality local window company

Windows aren’t a smart DIY project for homeowners. The average homeowner doesn’t have the tools or knowledge to properly install windows. Additionally, window installation can be dangerous. Windows are a big investment and when not properly installed, they can cost you even more money. The smart decision is to hire a trusted professional to install your replacement windows.


Ask your friends and family for referrals for a window company. Check out the company’s online reputation and website. When decision time comes, hire a company with solid reviews and referrals. You want to work with a company that will do it right the first time.


An experienced, local company understands how best to install windows based on your local weather and environment. How the windows are sealed, the best time for installation and other factors are important to get right, and your local company has the experience you need.


Step 4 – Prepare your home for installation

Now that you’re ready for window installation, prepare your home for the actually upgrade. As the homeowner, you want to protect the inside of your home during the installation process. Move any furniture or valuables away from the window. The technicians will need room to work. Cover the other furniture in the room with a drop cloth to keep it protected from dust or debris.


Remove blinds and drapes from the window and cover the floor with a drop cloth or tarp. The key is to cover or move any items that may be in the way or at risk for damage during the installation process.


Prepare the outside of your home by trimming any branches from trees or shrubs that may be in the way during installation. Also, move any outdoor decorative items near the windows like seating, potted plants or toys.


Step 5 – Inspect your windows and enjoy!

After the installation is completed, inspect each new window to ensure the quality of the job. Identify any issues like cracks or damage to the window edges or trim. New windows are an expensive renovation, and it’s your job to identify any unmet expectations right after installation before you move everything back into place in your home.


Finally, enjoy your home’s new windows. Home improvement projects should result in happy homeowners. Monitor your energy bill for the first few months after window installation to look for improvements.


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Don’t settle for high energy bills and broken windows. Make the decision to update your windows for added energy efficiency and curb appeal.


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