25Aug 2021
Childproof windows

Abundant windows in homes are a wonderful thing. They illuminate homes with natural light, provide views of the outdoors, allow natural ventilation, provide an open, airy feel, enhance curb appeal, and increase resale value. But if windows aren’t properly childproofed, they can also pose a danger to your children. Sadly, the American Academy of Pediatrics Continue reading »

20May 2021
window replacement Jacksonville

It can be quite difficult to know when to replace your home windows.  This is due to the fact that there are so many different things to look out for.  You may see some issues with your windows, but do these issues really signify that you have to replace them entirely?  What are the warning signs that you should be aware of so that your windows can be swapped out before it is too late?  When you are dealing with home windows, the longer you wait to replace them, the higher the risk that you have to deal with problems with insulation, issues with moisture getting through the glass and frames, among other things.

02Apr 2020
how to clean the vinyl windows in your jacksonville home

These low-maintenance windows still need some love when spring cleaning comes around. Vinyl windows are a favorite for homeowners all over Jacksonville. From their affordable price tag to their ease of maintenance, it’s a no-brainer why so many people gravitate toward this option. Whether you just installed new vinyl windows or you’ve had them for Continue reading »

26Nov 2019
window replacement in Jacksonville, Florida

 Fashion comes and goes with every passing decade, and aluminum window styles are no exception. Aluminum windows were all the rage a few decades ago, then vinyl windows arrived on the scene and took their place. It’s almost 2020 and aluminum windows are popular once again. Aluminum windows are low maintenance, affordable and an attractive Continue reading »

28Jan 2019
beach houses in Jacksonville, fl with turtle safe glass

We can list a million reasons we’re all blessed to live so close to the beach. From relaxing weekends in the sun to awesome dinner views, there’s no shortage of reasons we should do our best to protect the beach and its creatures. The months of May through October require beachgoers to exercise a bit Continue reading »