Are you thinking of adding a porch to your home to add value to your home? Are you wondering if adding a porch is going to bring in enough return on investment for you?

Homeowners often wonder about the ROI of adding something like a porch to their home. Especially if they plan to eventually resell their home to make a profit.

Having a porch added to your home is a big investment, which is why the return on investment can be important. If you want to eventually resel, you want to make sure that your new porch will increase your home’s value.

Keep reading to find out about the ROI of having a porch added to your home.

How Much Is The ROI of Adding a Porch to Your Home?

Outdoor spaces for homes are incredibly popular and always have been. This is a demand that has only ever increased as homeowners want to be able to enjoy the outside of their homes.

Elements such as a porch are very important for a home and can have a huge impact on how valuable it is. Especially if you are trying to resell it and buyers are looking for homes with outdoor spaces.

Porches can often be used year-round, depending on where you live. People love to lounge outside on their porch during summer or watch the snow fall during winter.

This is an important aspect of a home that can really have a significant ROI.

It is estimated that for most of the U.S., a porch is going to average an ROI of 84%. This will depend on where you live, of course, but it is going to be a high ROI in most locations.

This is a significant return on investment and can really elevate the overall value of your home. Especially in areas that have more mild or warm weather, a home with a porch is almost a necessity.

Adding a porch to your home can be a big investment that can easily pay off if you decide to sell your home. Even if you don’t resell, you and your family will get to enjoy the benefits of having a porch.

What to Consider When Adding a Porch to Your Home

If you have decided to add a porch to your home, there are a few things to consider. There are several details that you will have to first decide on when making this addition.


The options that you have when deciding on the placement of your porch include the front, back, and a wrap-around porch. All locations have their own appeal depending on what you are wanting.

Front porches offer curb appeal that immediately makes a home look more inviting. It also allows families to enjoy their front yard more often.

A back porch offers privacy and the perfect place to hold gatherings and barbecues. While a wraparound porch gives you the best of both worlds and allows you to enjoy more of the property around your home.

All are great options, it just depends on what you want out of your porch.


There are all kinds of porches that you can have added to your home in all kinds of styles. Many times, what style you choose will depend on your budget and where you live.

Basic wood porches are the most common option as they are cost-effective and nice to look at. Though some porches consist of only a slab of concrete if you are looking for the cheapest option.

Many porches are covered in order to create a protected space. This is a detail that you should add no matter where you live, as it immediately improves the porch space.

Screened porches are also popular in order to protect you from bugs while lounging outside.

Porch Details

Besides the style of porch that you choose, there are also all kinds of details that you can have added to your porch. Small details can really bring the space together and make it feel complete.

Details like railing, ceiling fans, and even fireplaces are great options to elevate the space. A good coating of paint is a detail that is also important in making the porch look balanced with the house.

You can really transform this space into another section of your home or keep it simple. It depends on your budget and the look that you are going for.


Where you live is another factor to keep in mind, as this can impact how you should add your porch. This can determine the style, as well as what materials you use to make the porch.

If you live in an area that is hot with a lot of sunlight, you should have the porch covered. You could also have ceiling fans added to make the space more comfortable.

If you live in a place with a lot of insects, you should have the porch screened to protect you while you are outside. These are just some things to consider during the designing stages of your home.

Price Range

It is impossible to accurately put out a precise range for adding a porch to your home. There are just too many details that can affect how much the bill comes to.

But the average price range tends to be around $21,000 for most homeowners. This could end up being cheaper or more expensive for you, however.

The price will be dependent on where you live, the materials you use, the design, and extra features. It is possible to add a porch for a much cheaper amount if you budget and are careful with what design you choose.

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