Every new year, excited homeowners look forward to new, exciting home decor trends and interior design ideas to upgrade their property. The year 2023 is no different, with plenty of trending colors, textures, and unique inspirational home decor trends to explore. We covered more than a few design trends to transform your home, so let’s get started!


Boldly Refresh Your Home’s Look In 2023

After dealing with the impact of a worldwide pandemic, lockdowns, supply chain problems, and spending more time at home, we could all use some good news for 2023. Since people have had more spare time to become more deeply acquainted with the nuances of their home, creating a cozy, welcoming, and sanctuary-like abode has become a priority. 


Our homes need to be a place where we can take a respite from daily stress, connect with family, and feel good about our environment. The latest home trends for 2023 borrow from gold eras of architectural design, bold color schemes to match our mood and outlook for the future, and a sense of playfulness and wonder.


Your Home Is Your Sanctuary

Creating a beautiful home, curated with select home decor trends and showstopping furniture, makes us feel secure and is a priority for many. Following the trends for home decor and interior design ideas for 2023 reflects and upholds this ideal. The point is to design a home with cohesive looks for each room that emphasize the purpose, highlight prominent features, and make a home feel like the best place to be.


Focusing on statement lighting, mixing and matching ornate patterns and rich details, or using specific colors radically alter how we view and feel about our abode. And, of course, there are some excellent benefits to following home trends for 2023 that increase property value and immediately have an ROI.


7 Home Trends To Follow In 2023

Refresh your home’s windows and overall decor with a trending look for 2023. Choose from the following hottest ideas to dress windows, style rooms, and enhance your abode in the ultimate style. Plunge into decorating your home and rethink your widows by choosing home trends for 2023 that fit your aesthetic sensibilities and match your lifestyle and budget.

1. Dark Colors

Indulge in a more serious color palette and choose darker colors for walls, flooring, prominent fixtures in a room, and windows. Select premium windows with black aluminum framing, or opt for aluminum frame windows in a deep shade of blue, red, green, or even brown. Using darker colors is not for the timid and makes a strong statement about a homeowner’s aesthetics. In 2023, darker flooring, wall treatments, and window treatments for frames will be in vogue.

2. Immersed In Luxury

Create a sense of high-end visual drama with customized windows in rounded or arched shapes. Choose windows with select placements to open rooms to natural lighting and create scenic views of a property’s surroundings. Or, stick to floor-to-ceiling windows, bow or bay windows for living and dining rooms, or Barcelona windows.


For good measure and added privacy, include additional locking mechanisms for windows, or use crank-style windows or hinge windows to let in air but keep prying eyes out. Or, you can select acrylic block windows to let in the light while adding texture and visual interest. Choose from a range of stylish windows with aluminum or fiberglass framing in a stunning color palette that complements and ties a room’s look.

3. Centered On Wellness

The last few years before 2023 had many of us spending an unprecedented amount of time at home, causing us to rethink how we live in our homes. Maintaining a work-life balance, keeping calm and stable during daily challenges, and carrying on despite chaos calls for an at-home escape. 


In 2023, homeowners are thinking about interior design ideas to create wellness spaces, rooms for meditation, and embracing alcoves and built-in spaces to emphasize peace, intentions, and calm. Create a home that encourages well-being mentally and emotionally with better windows that let in fresh air, light, or insulate against the elements.

4. Antique &  Vintage Details

Reach back to the past and choose wall treatments like ornate, colorful wallpaper for powder rooms, small guest rooms, or home offices to highlight prominent sash windows, crank windows, or a single Barcelona window on one wall. When you have shades or curtains with busy designs and patterns that beckon for your attention, it pairs well with single or double-hung windows or a crank window in a smaller room or narrow hallway.

5. Organic & Curved Shapes

Step away from rigid, squared lines and embrace curves in 2023. Upgrade to customized windows with curved designs, arches, circles, and rounded styles. Match elegant windows with tables, seating, and other prominent furniture and fixtures with curved shapes and rounded edges. Install window treatments that align with interior design ideas for curved windows. Choose shades or drapes with repeating patterns that display curves, swirls, and organic shapes that flow.

6. Modern Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is a prominent feature in a home that gets a lot of attention and regular use. Homeowners who want to invest in their home and see a ROI should embrace transforming their kitchen windows for a brighter, exciting look. In 2023, people are stepping away from all-white or neutral-color kitchens and are using bold, saturated colors and flooding it with light. Choose floor-length windows, custom-shaped windows, and window products that improve ventilation and let the sunshine in unobstructed.

7. Bold Lighting In Focus

Focus on using bolder lighting to let in the sun. Create a sense of openness in rooms with prominent skylights to highlight architectural details and furniture. Use window walls to create a unique look that makes your home feel spacious and luxurious. Pair bold lighting at the center or corners of a room with dark color treatments for visual oomph. Let the light in by installing statement windows with optimal placement; it makes a home look impressive and expensive.


Embrace Elegant Home Trends For 2023

The year 2023 is the time to move away from safe, typical interior design and home trends and indulge in a more personalized, customized space to fit your needs. Homeowners should take the opportunity to upgrade their windows to increase lighting and create a sense of openness. Choose dark, jewel-tone colors for aluminum window frames, paired with a complementary darker color wall treatment to highlight the best features in a room. Discover elegant and trending window products, only available at American Window Products.