When the cool, windy, wet winter season finally leaves, it’s time for spring cleaning to begin. Over the months, your home’s windows accumulate grime, pollution, and debris. As warmer weather returns with the springtime, it’s the perfect opportunity to restore your window’s appearance. Get ready to grab natural cleaning products for windows to lift away layers of unsightly stains and dirt. Spring is also an excellent time to inspect your windows for necessary repairs and maintenance to ensure your home’s energy efficiency and protect against inclement weather. Let’s dive into helpful tips to spring clean your windows and transform your home’s appearance.


Why Your Windows Need TLC In The Spring

Your home’s windows are a prominent feature that instantly grabs your attention. They provide an entry point for fresh air and light to enter and are the first defense against blustering winds, battering storms, and intense heat or cold. It doesn’t matter if your abode features hurricane windows, bay windows, or custom window products. They all could use a thorough spring cleaning when the seasons change.

Homeowners can enjoy beautiful, high-performing windows year-round if they apply proper maintenance and in-depth cleaning. When windows are caked in grime or have wear and tear because of the elements, it can reduce the appearance and performance of window products. Get your windows back to their nearly-original state and slough off layers of stains, dust, and debris from the glass panes, sills, screens, and nooks and crannies.


Best Window Cleaning Products And Methods

When it’s time to execute spring cleaning tasks and give your home’s windows a makeover, you don’t need to run out and procure state-of-the-art grease removers or harsh chemical cleaners. However, you might have to resort to commercial products in certain situations, when using natural cleaning products for windows fails to provide satisfactory results. Thankfully, in most cases, you can get sparkling clean windows with soap and water, vinegar, and elbow grease.

Gather some common materials around the house to help spring clean your windows. If you have many windows, or difficult-to-reach areas, feel free to contact a professional windoow cleaning service or enlist helpers. The following are helpful tools to refresh and revitalize your windows:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Sponge
  • Dish soap
  • Vinegar
  • Glass cleaner
  • Squeegee
  • Garden hose
  • Scrub brush

If applying diluted dish soap or vinegar solutions aren’t enough to lift away layers of dirt, call the professionals for help. Call a professional window cleaning service for windows that are difficult to clean or have a unique construction. If windows are beyond hope because they are older and unresponsive to deep cleaning, it may be time to install new window products.


Return Your Windows To Their Original Beauty

We offer some helpful window cleaning tips to apply to different types of popular window products you may have in your home. Don’t forget, once your windows are nice and clean, dress them in chic window treatments. Apply a new solar screen, change the shades or blinds, and find ways to emphasize the windows in your home.


Barcelona Windows

When you have impact windows to fend off hurricanes and dramatic storms, you want to use non-abrasive cleaning tools. It’s time to grab a microfiber cloth or a sponge to wipe down the glass. You can use a solution of lukewarm water with vinegar or dish soap to clean off dirt and pollutants. Other options for cleaning solutions include using diluted ammonia or glass cleaners. If stains are tough, keep scrubbing until clean.


Sliding Windows

Investing in sliding windows with aluminum or vinyl framing improves their performance and longevity. However, spring is the optimal time to give your windows a detailed spring cleaning. Carefully unlock the window and position it so that it’s fully open. Lift the window out of the track and set it aside. 

Go over the inside and outside of the frame with a scrub brush to remove grime and debris. Wipe the glass clean with a damp microfiber cloth or sponge. Once the window panes are clean, reposition the windows into their former place.


Barn Sash Windows

Barn sash windows give your home’s exterior or enclosed patio a charming appearance. Before applying a wet solution to the window, consider the following:

  • Try to remove unwanted dirt with a vacuum attachment or scrub brush. 
  • Adjust your window as needed to get rid of all stains and layers of grime and hose it clean. 
  • Wipe your windows dry, and feel free to add a bit of lubricant to the sliding mechanisms.

Thankfully, the interior of this style of window doesn’t accumulate as much dirt as the exterior. You’ll want to grab a sturdy microfiber cloth to detail the window panes and framing with a glass cleaner or soap and water. 


Single Hung and Double Hung Windows

Single and double-hung windows are an attractive choice for homes and enclosed patios. However, spring cleaning them can be tricky if the windows won’t tilt to remove debris. For windows that don’t tilt, do your best to adjust the window to clean the framing and both sides of the glass. Consider using a vacuum attachment to reach difficult areas. 

Otherwise, if you can tilt your windows, do so to reach dirt. Wipe down the framing and glass panes with warm water, dish soap, or vinegar. Agitate dust and grime on the frame with a scrub brush if needed. Keep wiping the windows until all dirt is gone. Don’t forget to wipe your windows clean and dry with a microfiber cloth or run a hairdryer over them to remove moisture.


Effortlessly Spring Clean Your Windows

When the seasons change from winter to spring, it’s time to shake off the energy and layers from last year and give your windows some TLC. Make spring cleaning your home’s windows a part of your life and enjoy beautiful, high-performing windows for years to come. Spring is an excellent time to get outside and review your home’s performance, energy efficiency, and ability to withstand the elements. Your windows are the eyes of your home, providing fresh air, natural light, and emphasize its beauty. Discover fantastic window selections at American Window Products to fit your aesthetics and budget.