Do you know if your home and its windows are lead-safe? Homeowners should be more aware if they live in a home built before 1978. For decades, many homes and windows were constructed using harmful lead paint. Eventually, the dangers of lead poisoning and related adverse health effects were more widely acknowledged. Via the Environmental Protection Agency, the government developed lead-safe certification and lead-safe testing standards. 

Having a home inspected for older, hazardous construction materials or hidden layers of lead-based paint is critical. As homes age or undergo renovations, they may release materials that cause lead contamination. Babies, young children, the elderly, and pets are at risk of health problems because of prolonged exposure to lead. Learn more about lead-safe certification, EPA lead-safe testing, and why it matters before purchasing or renovating a home built before 1978.


What Is EPA Lead-Safe Certification?

The Environmental Protection Agency, Housing and Urban Development, and other agencies have set standards to determine and ensure that a home meets lead-safe certification. Choosing EPA lead-safe contractors and inspectors when examining, renovating, or building a property is essential. Older homes built before 1960 will likely need a lead-safe window replacement executed.

Homeowners should be extremely concerned if they have a home dated between 1940 and 1960. For homeowners concerned about exposure to lead, besides getting an assessment from EPA-lead-certified entities, they can do the following:


  • Remove questionable old windows and replace them with lead-free options.
  • Inspect the home for chipped paint on walls, doors, and stairs.
  • Regularly wipe down painted surfaces to remove dust and particulates.
  • If you have carpeting, vacuum it often to remove dust and particulates.


Properties built during these 20 years often have elevated levels of lead which can pose significant health risks. When seeking an inspection for lead, a homeowner should search for a risk assessor, EPA lead-certified contractor, or abatement firm. If any entity discovers lead in a home, remedy the problem as soon as possible.


Prioritize Home Safety With EPA Lead-Safe Certification

If you want to find out whether your home is EPA lead-safe certified, you need to contact certain agencies. Get in touch with local EPA lead-safe contractors or familiarize yourself with lead-safe testing and certification criteria. Homeowners should ensure their home is lead-safe certified for their safety and market value. American Window Products offers many versatile, stylish, and EPA lead-safe certified windows to match a homeowner’s preferences and budget.

Homes that are not lead-safe certified may chase away future buyers on the real estate market or require an overhaul of older windows and lead-based structural elements. Lead safe certification was established to promote the safety and well-being of people, the environment, and to improve standards for constructing buildings. It’s not worth the risk or cost of not making changes to your home if you discover problems with lead, ranging from the paint on the walls or older windows. Invest in your home and health by choosing lead-safe window replacements and safely renovating your home to ensure it is EPA lead-safe certified.


EPA Lead-Safe Certification Put Into Practice

Jacksonville trusts American Window Products because they put EPA lead-safe certification into practice when installing windows and inspecting homes. Our friendly, dependable technicians will thoroughly inspect and assess a home before executing window installations. We understand what’s necessary to safely remove old windows to prevent potential contamination because of harmful lead.

Once we inspect your home and ready it for a window installation, we seal off the work area to ensure we can adequately contain any potential problems that may arise. Our team always wears personal protection equipment to ensure your home stays clean and your family stays safe while working. 

We follow lead-safe certification practices in compliance with EPA standards to remove old windows safely. And before we begin installing new windows with aluminum or fiberglass framing that is safe, we take our time to carefully detail and clean the work area to prevent exposure to lead contamination or spread particulates.


EPA Testing For Windows & Walls

The EPA worked to establish rigorous testing to ensure windows and walls are lead-safe and comply with enacted laws for public safety. At American Window Products, we go over the process with our customers to ensure homeowners are more aware of the dangers of lead. 

The use of lead paint was banned in 1978, and in 1992, Congress passed the Residential-Lead Paint Hazard Reduction Act to help protect citizens from lead exposure.

Aluminum windows are one of the best and most versatile options for homes. Inspecting homes and assessing for lead paint on walls and other elements of a home is essential. We want homeowners in Jacksonville to champion and stress the importance of ensuring their home is EPA lead-safe certified and utilizeEPA lead-safe certified contractors. American Window Products is lead-safe certified and sells window products that are lead-safe, beautiful, functional, and have a high-performance.


Importance Of Using Lead-Safe Window Products & Treatments

When you select new windows for your home during a renovation or to simply give your home an upgrade, they should be lead-safe certified. At American Window Products, we offer a range of superb, modern window styles that are lead-safe and look excellent in your home. Choose from elegant single or double-hung windows with aluminum framing, Barcelona windows, or custom windows with arches or non-standard sizing that are EPA lead-safe certified. Homeowners can have visually stunning windows, with sufficient insulation, and comply with health and safety standards regarding lead exposure.


Trust The Window Professionals In Jacksonville

When Jacksonville needs windows, they trust the window professionals with over three decades of experience and customer satisfaction. Protecting your home, health, and wellness is an investment in your family and legacy. Choose EPA lead-safe certified window products from American Window Products. We also expertly install windows to your satisfaction every time. We at American Window Products guarantee our products and work. We only use lead-safe certified contractors for installations to ensure your home has beautiful, safe windows that last. Visit American Window Products and get started selecting lead-safe, durable, modern windows that fit every type of home imaginable.