Lead Safe Certified

Installing new windows in your home, renovating a home’s exterior or interior, or even completing common household tasks like repairs or paint jobs can be a great way to add value to your home. If not approached correctly, however, these tasks can also cause severe health issues that could put you and your family members at risk. American Window Products, Inc. has a team of trained and experienced installation specialists with the skills and knowledge necessary to handle your window repair jobs safely and professionally.

Free ConsultationLead-based paint is a common feature in many older homes. When outdoor or indoor reparations or installations take place, tiny particles of lead paint can be released into the atmosphere. These tiny particles can cause negative health effects in both adults and children. Any sanding, cutting, window replacement, or window repair has a risk of releasing dangerous lead paint dust into the home’s interior environment.

American Window Products, Inc., however, is Lead Safe Certified, which means their installation professionals have received intensive and comprehensive education regarding the safe and proper way to handle home renovations in the presence of lead-based paint. Hiring any individual without this certification is a risk that you simply cannot afford.

For more information about our Lead Safe Certification or to discuss your window replacement or repair needs, contact American Window Products, Inc. today. We’ll fix or replace your windows without ever putting your health at risk.

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