If you are feeling the full effect of the sun’s intensity and rising humidity inside your home, your windows might be the problem. The right windows can dramatically improve your home’s indoor temperature so you can reduce reliance on your HVAC system and fans to stay cool. Choose windows that allow more cooling air to flow through your home during the early morning and evenings without sacrificing privacy or security. Select home windows with a high insulation level to reduce solar gain and indoor temperature fluctuations. Discover quality window products to beat the most sweltering Florida summers and beautify your home.


Stay Cool During Balmy Florida Summers

July and August are the hottest months in Florida, so it pays to have insulated windows that can handle the heat and humidity. Vinyl and fiberglass window frames are ideal for hot, humid weather because they resist corrosion, cracking, and warping. Windows with multiple panes and a layer of argon gas in between help redistribute energy from the sun and reduce solar heat gain. Choosing windows that open from only one side on a hinge, or slide left to right help control light, air circulation, and reduce exposure to the elements.

Consider which windows are best for your home, depending if it will receive more intense sun exposure from the west and south or maintain cooler temps at the north and east. Adding window treatments like solar shades, awnings, or outdoor shutters also prove helpful in keeping the indoor temperature in your house low.


Windows For Energy Efficiency And Cooling

When evaluating energy efficient windows, they should include qualities that help reduce heat absorption from the sun, reflect light, and offer some insulation. Typically, homeowners may want to review a window’s U-Value, visible transmission, and solar heat gain reduction. After the sun sets and in the early morning before sunrise, it’s helpful to open windows so naturally cooler air can enter.

During times when there is intense heat and high humidity, it’s best to keep windows closed shut. Another option is to choose windows that have excellent weatherstripping and a tight seal. These features, along with a professional window installation, help keep moisture, drafts, humidity, and outdoor elements where they belong, outside your home.

Look for energy efficient windows to reduce reliance on your HVAC system or fans to stay cool. Have your home’s windows inspected by an expert to see if it’s time to replace old windows. When your house windows lack weatherstripping, have gaps, or fit poorly, they can allow humidity, moisture, and heat to enter your property. Eliminate the chance of elements entering your home that force your HVAC to work harder, and always have a professional install your windows.


Best Windows For Your Florida Home

Installing windows in your home that help keep your house cool and withstand the elements is critical. Choose insulating windows for improved energy efficiency with a tint to better deflect UV rays from the sun and heat absorption. Ensure windows have a tight seal when closed to keep rainstorms, gales, and humidity outside.


Double-Pane Windows

A classic window choice for homes in Florida is the double pane window. Choosing window products with multiple panes provides greater insulation against the elements and resists solar heat gain. Choose a double pane insulated window that slides from left to right, raises from the bottom, or drops at the top. Depending on how you open your window, you can allow cool air to flow into your home or block intense heat and humidity.


Casement Windows

Make a visual statement while keeping your home cooler in the summer with casement windows. Opening insulated windows that adjust on a hinge help control exposure to the outside world. You get a full range of control for air circulation, natural light, and privacy. Ensure your window has the protection of a screen and comes in a double pane to fortify your home against the elements. As an alternative to casement windows, awning windows are a solid choice to beat hot weather and rainstorms.


Low E Glass

Look for window products with a tint or a low e glass coating to better protect against solar glare, heat gain, and harmful UV rays. Redistribute and reflect the sun’s heat instead of allowing your window, framing, and home to absorb excess energy. If heating costs are always a burden, window products with a low e application help stop infrared light from penetrating. Your HVAC system will thank you, as you can reduce usage and keep your home’s indoor temperature cool and comfortable.


Vinyl Window Frames

For homeowners on the hunt for window frames that are durable and heat-resistant, consider vinyl window frames. Similar to fiberglass but more cost-effective, vinyl frames are excellent at reflecting UV light and don’t readily absorb intense heat and pass it on to your home. Vinyl frames resist warping, cracking, and don’t require a paint coating.


Cooler Florida Summers With The Best Window Products

Window manufacturers understand homeowners’ unique challenges when searching for energy efficient windows that can withstand extreme temperatures and weather. As the world becomes hotter, now more than ever, it is essential to install quality windows with insulating properties. Intense UV rays can bleach floors and furniture without adequate window protection. Solar gain and high humidity make your cooling systems work harder to maintain a desirable indoor temperature. For optimal protection against heat waves and humidity, it’s best to hire a professional to install your windows. Visit American Window Products for quality windows for all points of your home, from sun porches and kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms.