When summer arrives, you’ll want to ensure your patio is ready for entertaining guests, lounging poolside, or curling up with a good book. Curating your summer patio is an absolute must if you want your home to be ready to welcome warmer weather. Besides choosing quality patio furniture, plants, and decor, the right window products should also be part of your summer plans. Block out humidity, stay protected from intense rainstorms, and build an oasis from the sun’s heat and UV rays with beautiful, functional windows for your patio. Discover a selection of quality windows that help you enjoy the season.


Prepare Your Patio For The Summer

You need a few fundamental essentials to create the perfect summer-ready patio. You’ll need quality patio chairs, an outdoor couch, tables, and lighting. If you have an enclosed patio, you’ll want windows that flood your space with light, keep humidity and precipitation out, and have visual appeal.

Before selecting windows for your summer patio, think about the layout, level of sun exposure and orientation, and budget. You might want windows that open on a hinge for increased security and to allow cooling air at night or in the early morning. Consider installing thermal insulated windows to reduce humidity from coming in and professional sealing and weatherstripping to keep out drafts and moisture.


The Joy Of Outdoor Living Spaces

More people are realizing how important it is to spend time outdoors to unwind, get fresh air, and improve their health. The patio is a prominent, transitional space that connects your home’s interior to your property’s surrounding exterior. Choose the right window products to help open up your patio to the outside world, expand your home, and create a personal sanctuary for you and your guests to enjoy.

Think beyond installing traditional sliding patio glass doors that lead to the patio. Modern homeowners may choose accordion-style window doors, pivoting entryways, and custom windows for their patio. Make visiting your patio an effortless and welcoming experience with quality windows to frame this outdoor living space.


Choosing Windows For Your Patio

Select quality windows from reputable manufacturers with desirable qualities and support energy efficiency. Homeowners should install windows for their patio that are easy to install, operate, and maintain. Beyond that, evaluate your windows for the following points:

  • R-value
  • U-value
  • Vinyl, metal, or fiberglass frames
  • The thickness of the glass pane
  • Locking mechanisms for security
  • How the design fits your patio
  • How the window will open and close

You want your patio windows to be durable enough to resist shattering from impact, withstand severe weather, and allow light and fresh air to flow unobstructed. Additionally, homeowners may have concerns about how well their windows block humidity, moisture, drafts, and reflect heat.


Sliding Door Windows

A generously sized set of sliding glass doors is a classic option for your summer patio. This product acts as a window and functional door, so you can view the outside world and keep heat and humidity out. Alternatives to sliding glass doors include folding, accordion-style doors, which open up your patio and make the space feel and look more open and airy.

Consider adding a solar screen or choose windows with a tint or low e coating to deflect UV rays and reduce solar gain. Choose thick windows that insulate your patio during hot summers and vinyl framing.


Casement Windows

Both traditional and modern homes are a good match for casement windows. Choose from double-pane or triple-pane windows for extra insulation. A layer of argon gas between the glass and a low e coating helps keep an enclosed patio comfortable when the weather is balmy or oppressively hot. It’s great to have windows that you can manipulate at the top or bottom. This design makes it easy to let natural air inside your patio or shuts out inclement weather and humidity.


Awning Windows

For homeowners that want a greater sense of privacy and security, awning windows are an excellent option for your summer patio. Sprawl out on furniture, relax on a summer evening, and open your awning windows to let natural cool air flow inside your patio. The beauty of awning windows is that they swing outward from the bottom. So you can open this window style without fear of rain falling inside your patio. Compared to sliding windows, choose this window style for improved energy efficiency and ventilation. 


Vinyl Frames

Vinyl is an excellent choice when you want quality windows with insulation properties to reduce solar heat gain. Vinyl is more durable than wood frames, which experience expansion and contraction and are at risk of rotting because of moisture. Instead of absorbing UV rays and passing it onto your structure, which heats it up, these frames are excellent at keeping heat out.


Patio Enclosures

Protect your sunroom or patio with a screened enclosure or glass with vinyl framing. Enjoy an unobstructed view surrounding your sun porch, enjoy a cool breeze, and keep flying insects at bay. As an add-on to your property, patio enclosures support a more secure, private outdoor living space and increase your home’s market value. 


Prep Your Patio To Celebrate Summer

When summer rolls around, you want to spend as much time as possible in outdoor spaces like your patio or sun porch. The right windows allow you to enjoy full use of your patio, even when there’s a downpour of rain outside or intense sunshine beaming down. As a bonus, consider installing a custom patio enclosure to enjoy cool breezes, shade, and keep pests out. If you are excited about getting your patio ready for the summer, you need a window retailer with quality products. Visit American Window Products to deck out your patio and schedule a consultation.