Author: amba360

14Jan 2022
Choosing Windows For Your Home

The new year is almost upon us and is bringing with it a whole new sense of style. Curvy furniture, Zen-style ‘lightness,’ and all the shades of green are just some of the biggest home design trends for 2022.  But even the most beautifully designed room won’t have that ‘wow’ factor without proper lighting to Continue reading »

24Nov 2021

Whether you’re moving into a new home or renovating a current home, you’ll need to decide what type of windows you’d like to install. Windows are easy to overlook, but they contribute a ton to the overall architectural feel and aesthetic of the home.  Deciding on a window is both a functional decision and a Continue reading »

18Nov 2021

Single-pane windows have one layer of glass whereas double-pane windows have two layers of glass. In between the two glass layers is a space that’s filled with insulating gas.  For homeowners who are deciding which windows to install in their homes, deciding between single and double-pane windows is a good first step.  Double-pane windows are Continue reading »