The patio adjacent to a property gets a lot of use during the warmer days of summer. However, when the air is a little cooler and becomes crisper during fall, there’s still time to enjoy a patio. Besides keeping patio furniture in good repair, checking on sliding doors, screen doors and windows, and storm windows for sun porches and similar outdoor spaces is essential. Discover some helpful tips to get a patio ready for lounging, entertaining, and living the good life.

Why Fall is an Ideal Time for Patio Upgrades

As summer leaves, fall’s arrival brings on cooler temperatures, earlier sunsets, and the possibility of storms. Being prepared by readying a home and outdoor living spaces allows more time to focus on enjoyable activities and good company. 

Also, since autumn isn’t the high season to make upgrades or renovations, homeowners can take advantage of deals on products and professional services. The weather and conditions in fall are a good time to install new patio enclosures, repair or upgrade windows and doors, and improve outdoor living spaces.

How to Make a Fall-Ready Patio or Sun Porch

It’s critical for a homeowner to schedule time to inspect their patio or porch windows before fall arrives. There may be areas where the foundation of an outdoor living space, patio windows and doors, or siding could use some repairs or attention. 

After inspecting and noting what would benefit the space, a homeowner can ensure their patio or sun porch is ready to enjoy time spent with family and friends. Here are some points to consider:

Switch Out Patio Windows and Screens

Over the years, screens might amass holes where insects can get through and try to take up residence. Because homes expand and contract as the temperatures fluctuate, there may be cracks, drafts, or other areas surrounding patio windows and doors that need repair. 

Ensure all windows have seals in good condition to keep out cold drafts. All screens over windows and doors should be free of damage to deter pests from easy entry while allowing fresh air to flow through unobstructed. Moreover, installing more durable coated windows can help reduce outdoor noises, better reflect UV rays, and improve energy efficiency.

Ensure Windows are Storm Ready

Although rainy weather tapers down in many parts of the country, the threat of active hurricanes or storms may loom through early fall. Stay ready for sudden extreme inclement weather with the right windows. Install storm windows, ensure window panes are secure, and add screens.

Adding a window film may prove helpful, especially for enclosed porches or patios with doors and windows. Check the interior and exterior of patio windows and doors where inclement weather might enter or gradually create wear and tear. Choose a suitable patio window replacement, or install new framing, screens, or doors if needed.

Check for Drafts

Drafty windows and doors are one of the easiest ways a home loses energy, making the HVAC system work harder than it should. Inspect windows and doors and look for holes, gaps, cracks, or other vulnerable areas where cold or hot air can escape. 

Add a layer of caulk as needed, and repair or replace loose panes, sashes, or framing. Also, ensure windows and doors open without difficulty and close securely. For the homeowner that isn’t comfortable with DIY projects, it’s best to contact and hire a trusted professional to address older, drafty windows and doors.

Make Improvements to Doors

If a home has sliding glass windows for the patio, porch, or sunroom, ensure it is in good working order. Consider upgrading the framing or locks for doors, so they are more secure and ensure smooth operation. Don’t skip out on improving the security of entry doors to deter thieves or prevent accidents involving young children, elderly adults, or pets.

For older homes, it may be time to install new storm windows or screens for patio doors. Popular styles include hinged or folding glass doors, besides typical sliding doors or screened doors. Select energy-efficient window panes that let more natural light in but reflect UV light.

Change Up Decor and Furniture

For homeowners looking for easy, practical backyard ideas, one of the fastest transformations involves changing the decor and furniture. Ensure outdoor chairs and tables are in good repair and safe to use. Consider adding an enclosed fire pit in a spacious area to keep warm or celebrate with a cookout on chilly nights. 

Give an outdoor space like a sunroom or patio a new coat of paint, with particular attention to the framing and trim of windows and doors to revitalize its appearance. Also, don’t forget about adding festive string lights or lanterns to highlight a patio or sun porch when night falls.

Install a Patio Enclosure

The beauty of having a patio is it provides a welcoming space to enjoy the splendor of nature without straying too far from home. Installing a patio enclosure provides a layer of protection from heavy winds, rainstorms, and pesky insects. Investing in an enclosure for a sunporch raises the value of a home and makes it easy to spend recreational time in the space.

Instead of settling for a roof over the patio or a temporary, flimsy screen enclosure, consider installing a lightweight vinyl patio enclosure. Customize it so the covered patio has a roof, screened windows, and an attractive door leading out to the yard. With an expertly installed patio enclosure, families can enjoy outdoor living with a covered patio without worrying about exposure to sweltering heat or inclement weather.

Celebrate The Seasons With a Beautiful Outdoor Space

One of the best things about having a beautiful home is maintaining a curated yard and outdoor space for recreation and relaxation. Patios, porches, and sunrooms deserve quality windows, screens, and doors that invite the best of nature while keeping oppressive heat, flying insects, and heavy rainfall outdoors. 

Although fall might usher in cooler weather than summer, it’s an opportune time to enjoy lounging, eating, and gathering on the patio. Learn more about trending outdoor solutions to create a more desirable home at American Window Products.