Some frequent questions for homeowners include: “Is it worth replacing windows before selling a home?” or “Do new windows increase home value?” Instead of overhauling a property with a fresh coat of paint, changing the siding, or redoing the floors, changing the windows breathes new life into a building. 

The windows are a prominent feature, so choosing stylish, energy-efficient, and durable windows is an investment that quickly provides an ROI and raises curb appeal. Let’s explore this topic and how property owners can benefit.

How Do New Windows Raise Curb Appeal?

Not every single renovation or upgrade to a home will raise the curb appeal and market value. However, installing new windows that are weather-resistant, energy-efficient, or have a visually stunning style that complements a building is worth it.

Choose to transform the look and feel of a home by installing new windows and enjoy the following perks:

  • Lower energy bills and reduce strain on an HVAC system
  • Improve lighting, ventilation, and privacy levels
  • Protect property against pests and inclement weather without sacrificing style
  • Reduce heat gain and energy loss with coated windows that reflect UV light
  • Stop problems with moisture, drafts, or pests

Depending on the style and age of a home, specific windows and related products may be more suitable. When possible, seek a consultation with a professional for suggestions to raise curb appeal. If a homeowner is part of a homeowners association, be mindful of bylaws and regulations before proceeding.

When is the Best Time to Buy New Windows?

Luckily, when a property owner schedules a new window installation to increase home value with a reputable company, they won’t have to replace their windows until 15 to 20 years. However, resist the urge to install windows in the spring and summer and take advantage of deals for window installations and older inventory in the fall.

Learn what colors and styles of windows, frames, and installs are trending, and what decisions will improve the ROI. Take advantage of the weather, compare to nearby properties to inform decisions about aesthetics, and consider the location and market value of the land.

Upgrading a Home’s Windows is Worth The Investment

The decision to overhaul a home with a complete renovation can get expensive fast. If the goal of a renovation or upgrade is to increase a home’s value on the market, it might take some time to get the ROI back. However, new windows are a budget-friendly option to enhance a property, raise the value, and see a faster ROI.

Increase Real Estate Market Value

Interest parties looking for a new home on the market want quality, luxury, dependability, and beauty. Consider windows that open sideways, outward to a garden, or move from the top or bottom to let in light or air. Think about how people will interact with the window, the average longevity and maintenance of the style, and how it will fit into the property’s design and layout.

Investing in a thicker pane, coated double-pane, or insulated windows is a fantastic addition for properties in warmer and colder climates. Consider options that increase home value by improving a home’s energy efficiency, increase natural lighting, and reduce heat gain and energy loss. Compare different materials, from windows with vinyl, wood, metal, or fiberglass framing.

Raise Aesthetic Value

There are many window options, whether ideal for a foyer, living room, bathroom, kitchen, or family room. Choose from the following windows based on how they will enhance aesthetics and raise a property’s overall value and enjoyment.

  • Bay windows
  • Casement
  • Single-hung
  • Double-hung
  • Sliding glass windows
  • Sash windows
  • Tilt-and-turn
  • Custom shapes

The following windows are not the only options available. Depending on whether windows will face harsh southern or western exposure, heavy rainfall and frequent storms, or extremely hot or chilly temperatures, specific products are a better fit.

Dampen Outside Noise

Intrusive sounds from neighbors, passing cars, local events, or industry can make life at home less than peaceful. Consider installing new windows that reduce sounds coming from trucks, aircraft, piers, or commercial strips. Windows with thicker panes are a good option.

Reduce Energy Costs

Old, frail windows or poor quality windows can force a homeowner to rely heavily on their HVAC system to keep the interior climate comfortable. However, the right windows can help fight off drafts, excessive heat gain or maintain a home cooler during the summer. Don’t forget to install windows using energy-efficient materials in colors that help reflect or attract light and heat, depending on the location.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Lost energy can equal heat or cooling escaping from windows, drafts, attics, and poorly insulated properties. Put a stop to extreme energy bills and struggling to stay cool or warm with windows that are energy efficient. Review the R-value of different window styles and pane thickness and ways to raise the energy efficiency of a property using windows.

Increase Safety and Security

Windows shouldn’t be difficult to open, keep open, or close securely. Loose window panes, rickety frames, poorly installed windows, or faulty locks can put a home at risk of burglary or damage. Install new windows that are durable, lightweight, easy to operate and secure without gaps or struggle. Consider installing windows at the top of a room, keeping prying eyes out and reducing easy access from the outside.

Leave Old and Dated Windows Behind

Say goodbye to cracked frames, holding onto windows with loose panes, poor energy efficiency, or outdated, drab styles. Even with a vintage or traditional home, there’s no need to eschew a new window installation to give a home a new lease on life. Bring a home into the future, provide much-needed visual appeal, and raise market value with modern, classy windows.

New Windows Transform Your Home and Raise Value

For anyone looking for home upgrades that add value, installing new windows is a wise investment. The cost and time it takes replacing windows in a house may seem daunting, but it’s well worth it because of the timely ROI. Improve a modern construction or revitalize a vintage or traditional residential or commercial property with beautiful, durable windows. Discover great windows at American Window Products to improve curb appeal and raise the market value.