Free Low-E Glass

New windows can add a lot of value to your home.  Quality low-e glass windows take the home improvement to a whole new level.  This energy efficient glass has tons of benefits over standard glass.  Eastern Vinyl has made a name for themselves with their quality products over the years.  With the current free low-e glass offer available, now is the time to take advantage of the many benefits.

Understanding low-e glass windows

Low E GlassMany people do not know what a low-e glass window actually is.  Low-e stands for low emissivity.  What this means is that the glass windowpane has a coating on it.  The coating is made of microscopic metallic oxides.  This coating is a huge advancement in window glass technology.  You cannot see this coating with your eye.  This allows your windows to maintain their natural appearance.  The benefits of this advanced coating though make these windows highly desirable.

Natural light and protection

The low-e glass is amazing as it does a great job of letting in natural light.  It also protects you from any unwanted and dangerous UV rays.  UV rays that shine in through windows can burn your skin.  This can cause short and long-term skin damage.  They can also cause your carpets and furniture to fade and become tarnished.  The coating the low-e glass has will ensure you get natural light while being protected from the strong sun.  Entering a room with a lot of natural light creates a great atmosphere.  These windows can create such an atmosphere.

Manage the heat in your home

Low-e glass does a great job of improving heating efficiency.  The coating on the glass controls radiant heat effectively.  It manages to keep your home warmer in the winter months.  This is accomplished by using the sun to reflect warmth into your home.  It also manages to keep your home cooler in the summer by doing the opposite.  It can also reflect the sun outside of your home.  This means you spend less heating your home in the winter and cooling your home in the summer.

Low-e glass has proven to be very popular among window owners.  Many cannot typically afford to upgrade their windows to have this advanced coating.  The offer that is currently available allows you to upgrade to low-e glass with the purchase of windows.  This is going to allow you to reap the benefits of this glass technology without breaking the bank.