Some jobs are better left to the professionals. Window installation is one of those jobs. For home window repair or replacement in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas, contact the experts at American Window Products. We ensure proper window installation to help you avoid the potential risks of installing windows yourself.


While the costs to replace home windows can be high, most homes only need to replace their windows every 20 years or more. High quality and properly installed windows add value to your home and save you money in the long run.


Potential Risks for DIY Window Installation

Many potential risks exist for DIY window installation. Think carefully before you undertake a window installation project yourself. Understand the tools and skills required to install replacement windows accurately. Also, consider the time cost of the project. Each replacement window can take up to four hours to install if you aren’t an expert.


Risk #1 – Buying the wrong windows

Replacement windows are available in two basic types: full-frame and insert replacement windows. Each type meets a specific need. Full-frame replacement windows are used when the frame around the window is in disrepair. With full-frame replacement windows, the trim and windowsill are replaced.


Insert replacement windows are installed within the existing window sill. With insert replacement windows, the trim is not disturbed on the inside or outside of the home. Insert replacement windows are usually easier and quicker to install.


A professional window company identifies the best type of replacement window for your home. Besides, they’re able to recommend the best window style for energy efficiency, curb appeal and lasting quality.


Risk #2 – Unexpected Costs

Window replacement is expensive, but you get what you pay for. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the window replacement quote you received, consider what it’ll cost to do the job yourself.


Not only must you purchase the replacement windows, but you also need the necessary tools for proper window installation. A few of the tools you will need are an extension ladder, cordless drill, miter saw, reciprocating saw, and level. Also, you need more materials than just the actual replacement windows. You need finishing tape, screws, caulk, flashing tape and more.


Additionally, if you are not trained to install windows and you cause damage to the window or your home, you have to pay to fix the damage. Before you make window repair a DIY project, consider the true cost of doing it yourself.


Risk #3 – Reduced Energy Efficiency

One reason to replace old windows is for increased energy efficiency. Replacing single-pane windows can save over $400 per year in energy costs. However, if windows aren’t properly installed, you may experience energy loss for your home.


Window professionals understand how to properly seal windows to ensure maximum energy efficiency. They are trained to use the correct tools and materials to install windows free from drafts and air leaks. Also, they understand details like which sealants work best for different temperatures.


Hiring a professional may increase energy efficiency with your new windows. Save money and energy with proper window installation.


Risk #4 – Injury

Installing replacement windows can be dangerous. You’re handling heavy glass often high off the ground. You certainly won’t save money on your window installation if you have to pay a medical bill. Windows can break during transportation and installation if not handled correctly. Be aware of the risk of cuts from broken glass. Also, if you don’t install your window securely, it could fall out and cause an injury.


In addition, for most window installations, you must use a ladder to secure the window in place. This increases the risk of falling and causing an injury. If you’re not trained in window installation, understand the risk for injury before you take on this project. You don’t want to risk damage to the window or yourself during a DIY window installation.


What to Look for in a Professional Window Company

When shopping for a professional window company, choose an experienced and highly rated business. Ask for references and follow up. Here are a few key considerations when hiring a professional window installation company:


Does this company specialize in windows? Handymen and general contractors may advertise window installation as part of their services; however, you’ll have the best experience with a specialized window company.


How does the company train their installers? Ask about the installation process and training for their professional window installation technicians.
What is included in the cost estimate? Confirm that the amount you are quoted is the actual amount you’ll pay. Ask about any hidden costs in the window purchase and installation quote.
Is the company licensed and insured? Select a company that protects both your and their interests. A reliable and established window installation company can be trusted to do an excellent job on your window installation.
Let the Professionals Handle your Window Installation

Make the smart choice! Hire a trusted professional. American Window Products in Jacksonville, Florida offers home window repair and replacement. We are family owned and operated and have served the area for over 30 years. Contact American Window Products to schedule your free in-home estimate.