Bay windows add character and curb appeal to your home. A strategically positioned bay window boosts the outside appeal of your home by adding dimension. The inside design is enhanced with additional space, style and depth.


American Window Products offers bay window replacement for Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas. Our window experts help you find the perfect location and style to add a bay window to your home. We offer smart technology solutions like low-e glass windows to make your home not only look great but maximize energy efficiency and save you money.


Once you decide to install or upgrade your home’s bay window, use our favorite bay window decorating ideas to enhance your home’s look and feel.


Add Function with a Bay Window

Stylish Storage

One of the best features of a bay window is additional storage. Whether your window is in the living room, dining room or bedroom, you can include extra storage space. Use the space to add a built-in storage unit or bookshelf. Design the space to incorporate a window seat or simply just install shelves or cabinets.


The best option is to design and install a custom storage solution to fit your specific bay window. Decorate the storage area with plants, pillows or books for a completed look.


Reading Nook

A bay window makes the perfect reading nook. This solution works well in a bedroom or home office. Design and install a custom window seat complete with under seat storage. A hinged lid offers a storage solution and solid seat base.


Add a comfortable cushion and plenty of pillows to make the space soft and relaxing. A well designed and comfortable nook creates the perfect place to relax and read for hours.


Breakfast Area

A bay window is a great space to locate your breakfast table. Especially in smaller kitchens or homes without dining rooms, adding a bay window provides much needed space. A round table works well tucked into a bay window.


Build in extra seating or storage below the window for even more space saving options. A large bay window added to a kitchen area is a smart design solution to maximize the space in your home.


Where to Locate Your Bay Window


A bay window adds charm to a bedroom. For a master bedroom, a bay window creates the perfect sitting area. Add a small table and plush chairs for a spot to have your morning coffee.


For a child’s room, a bay window adds a delightful spot for imaginations to flourish. A bay window makes a great built-in toy chest, reading nook, desk area or secret hideaway. Create a space that is cute but functional.


Dining Room

We love the elegance of a bay window in the dining room. Like with a breakfast nook, incorporate a large round table near the window for a panoramic view. Tall windows create the illusion of height and space.


Another design option is to conveniently locate a wet bar near the bay window. Store bar supplies and incorporate a space to make cocktails and pour drinks. Or, create a comfortable window seat for guests to relax and enjoy a beverage or appetizer.


Living Room

For a large living room bay window, make a cozy seating option by tucking a loveseat or two side chairs below the window. Another decorating idea is to build bookshelves below the window seat to add storage and extra seating.


For a living room with a view, simply leave the bay window free of clutter to offer a place to stand and enjoy the stunning view.


Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Adding window treatments to your bay window can be tricky. It isn’t as simple as installing a standard curtain rod. Oftentimes with bay windows, custom window treatments are your only option.


Leave it Open

If privacy isn’t an issue, simply leave the bay window uncovered. Especially if you’ve invested in beautiful, high-quality windows, they won’t need added design appeal. Keep the view unobstructed. The key is to keep the window clean, especially if you’ve added window seating.


For bay windows with low-e glass, make sure to follow the correct cleaning procedures to avoid damage to the window.



Drapes add drama to a bay window. For a tall bay window, drapes should go all the way to the floor to avoid looking choppy. Another option, especially for a cute breakfast nook, is installing café style curtains. Hang the curtains only over the bottom half of the window, keeping the view at the top open. This allows natural light to filter into the room.



Blinds are especially difficult to fit into bay windows, but shades work well. Either pull-down shades or roman shades fit smoothly over a bay window. This is a good option for needed privacy like with a bedroom bay window or a window facing a busy street. Custom blinds are the smart choice to get an accurate fit and proper installation.


Don’t Delay! Add a Bay Today!

Bay windows give a home charm and style both inside and outside. From a morning coffee spot to a cozy rainy day reading nook, a bay window invites imagination and comfort to your home. Allow your creative juices to flow as you design and decorate the perfect bay window for your space.


Contact the window experts at American Window Products today! We offer window replacement and low-e glass windows to Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas. We love helping our clients create beautiful, functional and efficient homes.