If you are worried about how your windows are going to hold up during hurricane season, there are a few things you can do.

Hurricane season is a huge risk to windows of any kind with strong winds and the risk of flying debris. All of these things can be a risk to your windows and result in broken or damaged windows.

The good thing is that there are ways to prevent this with a little forethought and preparation. Keep reading to find out how you can prepare your windows for hurricane season.

Check Window Seals

The first thing you should do before hurricane season is to check your window seals. You want to make sure your window seals are not old, worn, or coming apart.

In a dangerous storm, the seal of your window could very well be the last thing holding it together. Any weakness in the seals can increase the risk of the window falling apart or the glass being shattered.

You should remove old or worn-out window seals and quickly replace the seals. This will help to secure your windows and make them more resistant to strong windows and flying debris.

Keep Your Windows Closed

During a hurricane, you will want to keep your windows tightly closed all throughout. If they lock, you should also lock them for extra security.

It can be very dangerous to have open windows that can be blown around by the wind. Strong winds can also rip window panes off the window and send them flying through the air.

Open windows also let in pressure from the hurricane outside and can increase the risk of damage to your windows. 

Make sure to check all of your windows and make sure they are tightly closed before a hurricane.

Install Storm Window Shutters

Storm shutters are the fastest and easiest option to go with to protect your windows from a hurricane. They are easy to find and come in a variety of colors and styles.

The most popular types of shutters are aluminum or accordion shutters that are highly impact resistant. These will go over your windows and help to protect the glass from strong winds and flying debris.

They can be installed right before a hurricane and removed afterward to be stored for the next storm. This gives you a temporary solution that can be removed when it is no longer needed.

Use High Impact Window Glass Film

High impact window film is a great way of trying to prevent damage to your windows in a storm. This is a transparent plastic film that can be measured, cut, and secured over your window panes.

This helps to reduce the chances of your window shattering from high-impact windows or flying debris. Though it is mostly used to prevent glass windows from shattering into a million sharp pieces.

This is a much better solution than the myth of making an X out of tape on your windows. This is a safer solution and actually has much better chances of preventing damage.

Just keep in mind that window film will not protect your window frames, which can be damaged or blown off. You should still try to find an outdoor solution to cover your windows.

Use Plywood

If you are in a pinch, you can easily use plywood boards to protect your windows in a storm. This creates a cheaper version of storm shutters and can easily be attached to your home.

These can be installed and then removed once the danger has passed and stored away for later use. 

Though it is important to keep in mind that plywood is not as durable as storm shutters. It can break or splinter in severe hurricanes and will not protect your windows as well.

You may also end up causing damage to the areas around your windows when installing plywood. You will most likely end up leaving holes where you attached the wood to the areas around the windows.

Overall, this is a good solution if you are out of time and have no other options. But it should not be a permanent solution for dangerous storms.

Shutters are always a better option for extensive window protection in a storm.

Install High Impact Window Glass

Installing high-impact windows is the best thing you can do for hurricane season. This is the best measure you can take to properly protect your windows during a storm. 

This is a common kind of window glass that you can buy for your windows. It is a more costly solution but is a permanent one that can save you a lot of worry and damage in the future.

This is something that you will need to have done well before hurricane season comes. It can take some time to replace windows, and you do not want to rush this important process.

Get Hurricane Fabric

One solution that is not only affordable and easy but also effective is hurricane fabric. American Window Products offers several kinds of hurricane fabric for your windows.

At American Window Products, you can get either Astro Guard or Astro Flex hurricane fabric. Both options are incredibly sturdy, impact resistant, and made to weather hurricanes.

These options can easily be installed around your windows for extra hurricane protection. They are removable and can be neatly stored away for the next hurricane.

American Window Products also offers hurricane screens, which can help to protect your windows from high-impact winds.

Prep Your Windows with American Window Products!

Hurricane season is a concern for many Florida homeowners, and for good reason. Hurricanes can cause so much property damage as well as extensive window damage.

The good thing is that there are plenty of easy solutions that you can use to help prevent this. Just a little forethought and prevention can help to keep your home’s windows safe and secure during a hurricane.

For more information on how to protect your windows during a hurricane as well as what to use, visit American Window Products. There you will find hurricane protection products and solutions.