Hurricane Protection

Residents who choose the state of Florida for its balmy weather, access to beautiful and picturesque beaches, and incredible attractions know that that the state also comes with a high degree of hurricane risk. Hurricane season lasts all summer long and storm after store poses a threat to properties throughout the entire state. When a hurricane approaches, the part of your home that is most at risk is the window.

Windows that are damaged during a hurricane pose two distinct threats to homeowners. First, intense winds that shatter windows can cause serious injury to those indoors. Additionally, when the windows of you home are damaged by hurricane weather, your home is left exposed to driving rains and damaging debris.

You can protect the windows of your home during even strong hurricane weather, however, by investing in a simple protective measure: hurricane fabric. American Window Products, Inc. uses two types of hurricane fabric to protect customers from hurricane damage. Astro Guard and Astro Flex are two of the most trusted hurricane fabrics in the industry, and customers who invest in these products are taking a powerful step in protecting their homes against devastating damage.

Don’t take risks during hurricane season. Your home should always be a secure place of refuge. When powerful winds and driving rains threaten the windows of your home, you’ll be confident knowing that American Window Products, Inc. has installed high quality hurricane protection that will keep you, and your family, safe and dry while you weather the storm.

*We are currently only offering Hurricane Screens with window orders at this time due to the high demand, lead time and availability of the product.


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