Homeowners just like you struggle with the idea of spending money on maintenance. You likely think it won’t happen to you – your AC gives out because it hasn’t been serviced in years, your energy efficient windows lose their functionality because a pro didn’t fix the issue when it arose, etc. When you make a big investment like new windows, one of the best decisions you can make is to spend a little money on regular maintenance. 


We’re not here to sell you something or upcharge you. In fact, we’re not even a window maintenance company! But we do care about saving you money and stress. If you recently purchased new energy efficient windows from American Window Products, here’s our best advice for prolonging your investment:

Be Aware of the Signs You Should Seek Professional Maintenance Help

No one just reads an article about window maintenance if their windows aren’t malfunctioning in some way. If you aren’t thrilled with the current state of your windows, it’s crucial to evaluate the seriousness of the issue. The only people who can give you an answer are window professionals.


While some issues require simple maintenance, other problems may require a full replacement. Understand the warranty you may have, speak with the maintenance experts, then choose a path going forward that saves the most money. 


We can’t identify your specific issue through a phone or computer screen, but our team is familiar with a few common maintenance requests. Have you begun to notice condensation build-up between the panes of glass? If so, your window seals have likely failed. Common issues like this result in high utility bills and a drafty home. There are countless other issues that could arise during homeownership. It’s wise to seek professional advice when you first notice an issue. 

Improve Energy Efficiency through Affordable Expertise

According to Allstate, you can save upwards of $500 per year by simply maintaining your energy efficient windows. If you own your home for five years, we’re talking about thousands of dollars in savings when you spend a couple hundred dollars on annual maintenance. 


The American Window Products experts can identify minor issues that will grow to something much bigger (and more expensive). Seemingly small problems like a tiny crack or a fault lock can lead to far worse. What you see as a bead of water in between the glass, we see as an overworking AC unit and expensive energy bills. 


It’s important to have a pro periodically check the state of your windows. The only way to experience the true benefits of updated energy efficient windows is to commit to a maintenance schedule. That’s where a cost-effective maintenance plan comes in. 

Prevent the Risk of Early Replacement

Nothing’s worse than spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on important home repairs year after year. If you feel your annual home improvement expenses are too high, there’s a strong possibility you need a window replacement. We’re here to help you keep more money in your wallet and avoid expensive annual maintenance. 


Think of a maintenance plan like your annual check-up at the dentist. The professionals – whether it’s a doctor or a window technician – can identify any minor problems before they grow into harmful, costly issues. The doctor may find cancer in its early stages, while a certified window expert may identify mold growth or damaged locks. 

Low-Cost Repairs Prevent Further Issues

It’s no secret that when you avoid a problem, the issue often becomes worse with time. This rationale is true when it comes to window maintenance benefits. Minor problems, like a leaky seal, will exacerbate into far more serious issues


Your window maintenance professional is able to spot problems unrecognizable to the untrained eye. Some of the common issues a pro might find include deteriorating weather stripping, wood rot and the lack of basic functionalities.  

Come Straight to the Source for All of Your Window Replacement and Maintenance Needs

Energy efficient windows are a crucial investment that must be maintained. Like your dog needs to see the groomer and the veterinarian, your windows need to be cleaned and serviced. Our professional, certified technicians aren’t salespeople, they’re service people. It’s our job to keep your home safe, efficient and up-to-date. 


I would recommend them 100-percent. Very neat and very professional service. We love our new windows. Less noisy and we feel much safer. Thank you!


- Donna N., American Window Products Google Review


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