The time comes for every homeowner to bite the bullet and make necessary improvements around the house. Projects like window replacement can be stressful and expensive, but save you plenty of frustration and money down the road. It’s no secret that windows age over the years and eventually reach a breaking point. When your windows start to affect your lifestyle, it’s time to reach out to the pros at American Window Products. We’ll make sure your window replacement project goes smoothly and results in brand new windows that are just right for your family. 


There are a few important signs it’s time to upgrade your windows. When you’re proactive about replacing them, you’ll quickly begin to experience the benefits. Here are a few inconspicuous signs it’s time to invest in new windows.  

A Cracked Frame is a Big Problem

Do the frames of your windows have cracks in them? These cracks are often a clear indication that the windows have undergone too much wear and tear. When wooden windows get older, they easily break down and crack. It’s not only unattractive, it makes your windows vulnerable to breaking and intrusion. 

Windows with Single Panes of Glass Offer Little Benefits

The first sign of outdated windows is if they’re single paned opposed to two or more frames. If your windows have one pane of glass, they’re likely not doing their job to make your home energy efficient, protect from harmful UV rays and provide security. The number of panes is an easy way to know how old your windows really are. 

Broken Windows Aren’t Always Obvious

Nothing screams window replacement quite like broken windows. Cracks in the window pane can lead to serious problems if they aren’t taken care of immediately. Unfortunately, an easy fix like putting tape over the crack will just delay the inevitable (and it totally ruins your curb appeal!). Window cracks can lead to hazards in the home, energy loss and exposure to the outside elements. If you have broken windows, it’s time to get serious about replacing them.

Your Windows Lack Security

Do the windows you have in your home easily open and close?  Do they have operable locks? These are important characteristics of a window that you can’t sacrifice.  New technology allows you to lock windows when they’re open (to a certain point). These improvements create an incredibly secure environment for you and your family.

Drafts Affect Your Energy Bills and Your Comfort

The next time it’s really hot or cold outside, go up to the windows and see if you can feel a draft. Do you feel a draft seeping through? This air flow is an indicator that your windows are providing poor insulation. Drafts lead to energy loss, uncomfortable temperatures within your home and higher energy bills. 

Trust Jacksonville’s Window Professionals to Install the Windows Right for Your Home

Our team at American Window Products would love to help with your window replacement project. We’re ready to consult with you about the condition of your windows and give advice on what window selection is best for your family, home and finances. 


“Everyone I have had contact with was great. I would highly recommend American Window Products to anyone. Great job by installation crew!”

– Cathy M., American Window Products Review


The American Window Products experts work around your schedule, vision and budget. We’ve proudly served the Jacksonville area for 30+ years and look forward to working with you in the future.