Tropical storms and hurricanes are all too familiar to homeowners in Jacksonville. Although we may know a thing or two about what to expect, it’s still crucial to prepare your home for the next few months of rough weather. Certain steps taken during mid-summer will secure your windows, protect the roof and prevent damage in your Florida home. With a whole lot of planning and a small investment, your home stands a chance against even the toughest storm.

Reinforce the Exterior Doors and Windows

Sturdy doors and windows play a key role in keeping the interior of your house safe during a storm. Cover every inch of glass to keep it from breaking. For wood or fiberglass doors, it starts with a strong installation. Doors with three or more hinges and a deadbolt provide the extra support you need during strong winds. 


For older windows and doors, it’s important to repair any damage or loose hinges before you see a storm on the radar. If your windows are almost a decade old, now may be the time to invest in that upgrade you’ve been putting off. Aluminum windows are one of the most durable and top quality window options on the market. Every single window includes a baked-on enamel finish with options like extra deadbolt locks and cam-action locks. 

Understand the Necessary Benefits of Hurricane Fabric and Shutters

No other home addition will work quite as well as these to protect your home against harsh, damaging weather. Shutters and fabric are the first steps toward keeping your windows in tip-top shape. This important investment can be the difference between a home full of shattered glass and a home in its original condition. 


In addition to protecting your home, hurricane products protect your family and belongings. They’re also a great way to boost the value of your home in a competitive real estate market. Research shows future buyers are willing to pay more for a house in Florida with updated hurricane protection in place.  

Prepare a Storm Kit to Prepare the Ones You Love

Ok, so this recommendation isn’t specific to your windows. But I think we can both agree that your family’s safety is way more important than your house, anyway. One of the most important things you can do to prepare for a hurricane is to create a storm kit. Before the storm hits, organize a kit of necessary supplies. Not sure what we’re talking about? Our team is here to walk you through the important items you should add to your storm kit. 


A flashlight, first aid kit, bottled water,  batteries, non-perishable food, cash, a list of emergency contact numbers and copies of important records. Put it all in a plastic tub to prepare your family for the worst possible situation. If you need to quickly leave town or stay inside for many days, this is your go-to box for everything you might need. 

 Preparation Makes all the Difference When Protecting Your Family and Home

If you live in Florida, the risks of storm season are no stranger to your family. With proper planning, your windows and home interior will stay safe from the wind and rain. The American Window Products team understands the dangers of hurricanes and want to help customers like you keep their home safe. 


These guys did a great job, the windows are as good as any I’ve researched, the price was very fair and they came in earlier than scheduled. Also, they didn’t make a mess during the installation. I wish I would have worked with American Window Products sooner.

– Jeff A., American Window Products Google Review


We’ve helped prepare Jacksonville homeowners for the storm season for almost 40 years. Chat with us today to find out what steps you need to take to get you ready for hurricane season this year.