A low utility bill is the primary goal for many homeowners around Jacksonville. No matter the size of your house or your family’s habits, it is possible to lower your monthly costs with a few simple changes. Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to change your whole lifestyle to save a couple thousand (yes, a couple thousand!) bucks over the year. 


From appliance usage to home design, the American Window Products crew is here with everything you need to know about creating and maintaining an energy efficient home. Take a look at our top tips for cutting costs this year:

Unplug the Appliances When they’re Not in Use

Believe it or not, appliances use power even when you aren’t using them. This phenomenon is called “standby” electricity loss. Coffee makers, phone chargers, lamps and nearly every other item with a power cord uses this phantom electricity. 


Most people don’t bother to unplug appliances because they don’t believe it leads to significant savings. Of course, it’s all relative. Expect to save $20 per year for every 10 appliances you unplug. This can really start to add up if a lot of items around your house use electricity. All in all, studies show that phantom energy use accounts for about 5% of your yearly utility bills. Do the math for yourself and see if the extra effort is worth the savings. 

Update Your Old Windows and HVAC System

Outdated windows and air conditioning systems are the biggest energy efficient suckers in a home. Modern windows and AC units can literally save you thousands of dollars each year. While we’re not experts in the latter, we certainly know what we’re talking about when it comes to windows. 


If your windows are around 10 years old, they likely suffer from cracked frames, thin panes of glass and zero added efficiency benefits. Windows on the market today are built specifically to save your family money over time. Features like Low E glass and triple pane construction work together to keep your home cool and costs low

Lower the Temperature Setting on the Water Heater

This is the third most costly waste of energy in your home, following your windows and air conditioning system. Your water heater distributes hot water to appliances, sinks and showers throughout your home. If your home is like most, the water heater stores warm water in a tank. 


While the ideal temperature for your water heater is around 120-degrees, you can save some serious money by lowering it by a few degrees. If you have plans to head out on vacation this summer, remember to shut the water heater off for substantial savings. 

An Energy Efficient Home Starts with the Right Replacement Windows

If you’re on the fence about updating your windows, take this simple quiz to get your answer. We understand the weight of an investment like new windows. Our team recommends you do as much research as possible before pulling the trigger. If you’re looking for unbiased insight, chat with the American Window Products crew about the best windows for your home. 


Not sure where to start on your search for new windows? Check out our Tips & Info tab for straightforward answers to all of your questions. We’ve built a reputation in Jacksonville over the last 35-plus years built on integrity and quality work. From initial conversations to the window installation, we’re here to help you


I’m one happy customer! A big thanks to Josh and Chad for an amazing job installing my new kitchen window! I would definitely do business with this company again!

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