This is one straightforward question with no simple answer. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all response to this valid question, our team can help set your expectations. Why don’t we have a single answer, exactly? It all comes down to the size of your home, the windows you choose and where in Jacksonville you live. The American Window Products professionals are here with everything you need to know about budgeting for new windows. 

Understand Your New Window Options (and the Associated Prices)

This step is surprisingly overwhelming if you’re out of the loop on window design. When you partner with a trusted window company in Jacksonville, they can easily help narrow your options to one or two types. 


Single-hung: Half of the window is stationary while the other half slides open


Double-hung: Both the top and bottom slide open


Sliding: move horizontally (from left to right) along a track


Casement: Side hinges allow the window to be pushed out or pulled in to open


Bay: A great spot to place a window seat; a nook that is added to the home 


Picture: large, stationary panes of glass perfect for great views and natural light


Awning: The hinges are placed horizontally at the top of the window opening, allowing the window to be pushed open


Transom: Small sliver of a window above a door or walkway

Evaluate How You Can Trim Your Budget

Every design, size and variety of windows comes in at a different price point. You can opt for lower cost windows in less-visited parts of your home to splurge on areas like the kitchen and living room. If you’d like all of your windows to match, there are still options for keeping costs low. 


First things first, it’s important to recognize that window installation is not a DIY job. When you prepare to purchase windows for your Jacksonville home, improper installation can render your new windows pointless. All of the benefits of new, energy efficient windows come down to expert install techniques. 


The best way to cut costs around your home is to lower your utility bills. Window fixtures like curtains, blinds and roman shades are one of the best ways to begin to lower your expenses. 

Consider Investing in Energy Efficient Features to Save Money Over Time

Speaking of energy efficiency techniques, many modern window choices come with eco-conscious features. Low E glass, multiple panes and top-quality frames are key aspects of energy efficient windows. Not quite sure what we’re talking about with “Low E glass”? No worries, because our pros are here to help.


Low E glass is an invisible coating applied to your new windows that minimize heat transfer without disrupting natural light. This simple perk helps better regulate your home’s temperature and keeps operating costs low. The American Window Products professionals offer a free Low E glass coating on select models. Ask us today about which windows qualify for this promotion.

Have Confidence in Your Selection when You Partner with American Window Projects

When our team goes to work, we work to improve your family’s quality of life through lower bills and better benefits. Smart window features and professional installation keeps your costs low long-term and short-term. 


“We were so very pleased with Jason & Steve, a job of excellence. The kindness and consideration was much appreciated. Thank you both!”

– Paul R., American Window Products Review

If you’re in the market for new windows in your home or office, we’re here to help. Contact the American Window Products team today to schedule your free estimate. Plus, we offer free installation on six or more windows! It’s a no-brainer.