Many homeowners find it difficult to understand how spending a little money now saves lots of money in the long run. To make it easier to digest, the American Windows crew is here with specific examples. Home maintenance — especially with high-cost items like windows and HVAC systems — often require the services of industry professionals. We’re here with everything you need to know about window maintenance benefits and how it saves you serious money in the future. 

Eliminate the Need for Premature Replacement

Nothing stings more than dropping hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on big home improvement repairs year after year. If this sounds like you, there’s a good chance you’re in need of a replacement. We’re here to help you not fall into that category. 


Think of maintenance plans like your annual doctor’s check-up. The experts are able to identify any small problems before they grow into harmful, expensive issues. The doctor may find cancer in its early stages, while a certified window professional may identify mold growth or damaged locks. 

Hands-On Expertise to Improve Energy Efficiency

Well-maintained, energy-efficient windows will save you between $100-to-$500 on your utility bills each year. Do the math, it adds up. If your multi-paned windows have begun to allow moisture in through a crack, for example, your American Windows maintenance expert will catch the problem and fix the issue. 


It’s crucial to have an expert periodically examine the state of your windows. The only way to truly reap the savings and window maintenance benefits is to stick to a maintenance schedule. That’s where an affordable maintenance plan comes in. 

Low-Cost Repairs Prevent Further Issues

It’s no secret that when you avoid a problem, the issue often becomes worse with time. This rationale is true when it comes to window maintenance benefits. Minor problems, like a leaky seal, will exacerbate into far more serious issues


Your window maintenance professional is able to spot problems unrecognizable to the untrained eye. Some of the common issues a pro might find include deteriorating weather stripping, wood rot and the lack of basic functionalities.  

Signs You Should Seek Professional Window Maintenance

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance your windows have begun to show signs of a problem. Unsure how serious the situation is? The American Window Products team is here with some common issues that require maintenance. 


One of the most common problems in windows around Jacksonville is condensation build-up between panes. This typically means the seals have failed. This forces your AC system to work overtime, which costs lots of money in the long run. Drafts are another common problem our team frequently sees. Drafts lead to an uncomfortable, expensive house, so it’s important to handle this problem right away. Typical causes of drafts include poor insulation, improper installation and cracked frames. 

Partner with Jacksonville’s Most Trusted Window Experts

The American Window Products pros are here to help you experience the many window maintenance benefits. From lower utility bills to better temperature regulation, the list of benefits is endless. But one thing’s for sure — all of the benefits help to keep costs low. 


I had a great experience with American Window Products. They installed a large arch window. The installation was quick and professionally done with no mess whatsoever. I have had a lot of companies not show up, not have the right equipment or leave a mess behind. This company did none of that. The pricing was much better than expected. They are an A+ team!

– Bryce, American Window Products Google Review


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