Congrats! You saved your money, shopped around and finally made the purchase for new windows in your Jacksonville home. Before you can enjoy the benefits of a gorgeous aesthetic, better resale value and lower energy bills, you must navigate the process of window installation. 


The first crucial choice you have to make is whether to hire a professional or install the windows on your own. This is a big decision that can completely affect the quality of your investment. Poor window installation can tarnish your home’s appearance and the many benefits of replacement windows. 

Trustworthy Expertise and Knowledge After Years in the Industry

Let’s get it out of the way from the get-go…you’ll never find a professional window company that recommends DIY window installation. It’s not because we’re profit-hungry, it’s because we know the risks. 


After over three decades serving the Jacksonville community, American Window Products has seen countless botched jobs and plenty of wasted money. We hate to say it, but DIY window installation can cost you significantly more if you make even the smallest mistake. 

Comfort in Your Windows Being Up to Code

Are you absolutely confident your windows would pass a home inspection following a DIY window installation? Our guess is no. Improper installation can lead to the need for new replacement windows when selling your Jacksonville home. Expensive construction fines and unhappy home buyers are common results of poorly installed windows.


Every American Window Products team member holds certifications that are in compliance with all local, state and federal laws. A smooth home resale process is one of the main reasons to entrust your window installation to the professions from the get-go. 

Optimal Energy Efficiency Results from Correct Installation

The only way to take advantage of the impressive energy efficiency benefits of modern windows is to have them installed correctly. More affordable energy bills and better temperature regulation are the results of weather tight windows. 


If you choose to install your windows on your own and they’re off by less than a millimeter, you forfeit the energy benefits that enticed you to buy new windows in the first place. When you notice your energy bills increase instead of decrease, you’ll have to call a professional anyway to fix the issue. 

No Damage to Your Home or New Windows

The most detrimental problem that comes from DIY window installation is costly damage to your home. Structural problems are extremely expensive and unfathomably harmful to your home in the long run.


Costs to repair the damage will add up to far more than simply hiring a professional from the beginning. Don’t forget about the risk you run of damaging your brand new windows, too. Bent frames and cracked glass are all common results of DIY window installation. 


Outstanding price, outstanding quality and installation.  Jason was awesome to get me a great deal. Installers were fast and professional. I’d rate this transaction a 6 out of 5 if I could.

– Dennis M., American Window Products Google Review

Trust American Window Products with Your Investment

Our team goes into every job with the goal of exceeding your expectations. It’s our job to perfectly install your windows for optimal energy efficiency and beautiful results. 


Still unsure if you’re in the market for new windows? Take our reliable Repair or Replace Quiz for a simple answer to the looming question. 


Great experience! I love my new windows. I am glad I opted for wrapping of the outside frame, it really made the windows look beautiful. A big thank you to everyone from my salesperson to the installation gentlemen to the office personnel who answered my questions and provided great customer service.

– T Leme, American Window Products Google Review


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