Glass blocks are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy natural light while still having privacy in their home. This option is ideal for places where you want extensive privacy, like the bathroom!

This type of window creates a beautiful effect that allows plenty of natural lighting to come through. This allows you to still enjoy natural light without having to sacrifice your privacy to get it.

This is a great option for many homes and would be suitable for many areas where you may want some extra light. To find out the pros and cons of glass blocks, keep reading.

What Are Glass Block Windows

A glass block window is not really constructed like a normal window at all. This is why the process tends to be much more complicated.

Glass block windows are created by combining multiple glass blocks to create a window effect. This creates a beautiful window that is made up of these glass squares. This creates a beautiful window that is eye-catching but provides plenty of privacy. The glass still allows plenty of natural light to come in without letting anyone look inside.

Pros and Cons of Glass Blocks

Glass blocks are a great option for many people who want natural lighting and privacy. Though they may not be the right fit for everyone or for every home. That is why it is important to know the pros and cons of glass block windows before making your decision. You want to be completely certain that this is the right option for you.

Pro: Energy Efficient

Many glass block windows are highly energy-efficient, so much so that they rival thermal pane windows. They are airtight and often reach ENERGY STAR guidelines.

This makes them an excellent option for you to enjoy natural lighting without attracting too much heat. They also help to fight off the cold and won’t let in any cold drafts during winter.

This is just another reason why they are a great option for bathrooms.

Pro: Aesthetically Appealing

Glass block windows are aesthetically pleasing and create a statement window to enjoy. Their unusual design attracts the eye and creates a unique window that stands out from the rest.

This creates an efficient and useful window that still looks nice and will be a pleasant feature in your home.

Pro: Provides Privacy

The main purpose of glass blocks is to provide privacy while still allowing natural light to come indoors. This is the top reason why people have glass block windows installed in their homes.

This creates the option of still having a beautiful window to add definition to your home. As well as let in natural light throughout the day without allowing prying eyes. This is great in any part of your home, especially in areas where you want privacy. It is also a great option for areas where your home is exposed, but you still want natural light.

Pro: Extra Protection and Security

Glass blocks are much harder to break than your average window is. That is because this kind of window is not made up of glass panes. These glass blocks are hard and sturdy, making them much less likely to shatter. This makes them safer in areas that get high winds or frequent bad weather. This can also act as additional security from people breaking into your home through the windows. It takes a lot of force to break a glass block window.

Con: No Ventilation

One big downside to having a glass block window installed is that there is no ventilation. Unlike other windows, this type of window does not open and close. You cannot use this window to get ventilation or to air out a room. It is sealed completely shut and is not designed to be moved in any way.

Depending on where your glass block window is installed, this could be an issue if you need access to fresh air.

Con: Expensive Option

The price of glass blocks is pretty expensive, with each block costing anywhere from $10 to $50 apiece. This can add up fast and become extremely expensive.

This will also be affected by the size of the window that you want. The larger the window, the more expensive it is going to be.

Con: Costly Installation

The process of installing a glass block window is extensive and completely different from installing an ordinary window. That is why it is not recommended that homeowners do this project themselves.

Only professionals, like those at American Window Products, should take on this kind of window as it must be done correctly. If done incorrectly, the blocks will not be sealed together securely, which can lead to serious issues later on. Not installing this kind of window the right way will ultimately cost you more money in the future when issues come up.

Con: Extensive Maintenance

Because glass block windows are just glass blocks stuck together to create a window, they require plenty of maintenance. This is because each block is sealed with the others with mortar which can wear away.

The most important thing is to make sure your mortar is waterproof, if it isn’t, it can be made to be waterproof. Then you will need to touch up on the mortar regularly if it looks like it is weakening or wearing away.

If you do not do this, it can wear away to the point that the blocks become unstable. This can result in them separating or falling out of place, which can be a real issue and expensive to repair.

Are Glass Blocks Right For You?

Glass block windows have many amazing benefits to consider. They provide the best privacy that a window can offer as well as giving enough natural light.

Though it is a costly option, it could be well worth it if you are looking for a durable and private option of window for your home. It is a statement window that will stand the test of time with proper care and the right installation.
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