If you are looking for energy-efficient window frames, aluminum window frames are an excellent option for Florida homeowners! These low-maintenance frames are a great upgrade if you are replacing your home’s frames.

This type of window frame is versatile and strong while staying lightweight. Perfect for all kinds of homes and window designs in the Florida area.

Aluminum window frames are a versatile option that works great for most homes, and come with a variety of benefits that homeowners may be interested in. If you are looking to upgrade your windows to more energy-efficient options, we’ve outlined top insights with the pros and cons to aluminum window frames to make it even easier for you!

Aluminum Window Frames

Aluminum window frames are a great option for many Florida homeowners as they  are versatile and look good on a variety of homes and window designs.

They are also considered to be low maintenance as long as they are kept dry most of the time. They can have a tendency to rust or mold, which is why it is best to avoid exposing them to excess moisture.

The good thing is that this problem has been mostly solved as aluminum is now made with extra protection. This should help your aluminum frames to be far less susceptible to water damage.Aluminum window frames provide a clean and crisp appearance to your home. They are not flashy, but they look nice on most homes and window designs.

While aluminum window frames are not the cheapest option on the market, they are still very affordable when compared to other materials. 

It is also important to note that aluminum is not a very flexible material and needs to be installed properly. This usually requires a professional, like our professionals at American Window Products!The benefit to aluminums inflexibility is that it will stay put. You do not need to worry about it warping or moving after installation. These window frames will stay right where you have installed them without issue.

Are Aluminum Frames Energy Efficient?

While older aluminum frames weren’t made to be as energy efficient, the adaptations of newer windows have been optimized to be a great option for Florida’s inclement weather! You can even get thermally modified aluminum frames for even more efficient window frames. 

Modern technology has made it so that aluminum window frames are just as energy efficient as other options. They are even a good option for Florida homes as modern aluminum frames are protected against moisture. Now you can install aluminum frames without the fear of water corrosion from the wet climate.

Pros and Cons of Aluminum Window Frames

Upgrading your window frames to a more energy-efficient option is a big step to make. This is a big improvement to your home and may cost a fair bit of money to complete from start to finish- but you can always renovate your windows in sections with the help of the professionals at American Window Products!

This means that you need to really understand the pros and cons of installing aluminum window frames. You do not want to jump in and make a hasty decision without proper consideration.If you are interested in having your window frames upgraded to aluminum window frames. Here are the pros and cons of making this decision for your home.


  • Low Maintenance: Aluminum window frames are very low maintenance and do well in many climates, including Florida’s. Though they can be vulnerable to moisture which can cause corroding. Most aluminum frames nowadays are protected from this.
  • Lightweight: Aluminum is lightweight and strong, making it ideal for framing a window. It is not very flexible, so it will stay put once it is installed and not move around or bend or break.
  • Fits a Variety of Windows: This kind of material is ideal for oddly shaped windows as it can be made to fit almost any shape. This is a great solution to an issue that materials like wood would not be able to solve.
  • Affordability: Aluminum is a very affordable material that you can frame windows with. It is cheaper than some other framing materials that are commonly used.
  • Minimal Design: Aluminum frames are often very thin and minimal looking. This is ideal if you do not want to draw attention to the windows or obstruct the view. This gives the house a clean appearance where the window frames blend into the background.
  • Energy Efficient: Unlike older aluminum frames, the ones made nowadays are much more energy efficient for homes. This makes them a great option to add to your home if you are looking for a window frame upgrade.


  • Less Weather Resistant: Generally, aluminum is less weather resistant than other framing materials. Especially when it comes to heat which can cause aluminum to warp. The good thing is that many aluminum frames are now made to withstand this issue.
  • Doesn’t Insulate As Well: Aluminum is not considered to be a good option for insulating the home. This is because it is not as weather-resistant as some window frame materials. You can now buy aluminum frames that have added protection to try to prevent this problem.
  • Vulnerable to Salt Corrosion: If you live near the beach, aluminum window frames are not a great option for you. This is because they are very vulnerable to salt corrosion. Aluminum may be made to better withstand water nowadays, but it is still very susceptible to salt damage.

What’s Next?

If you are looking for a more energy-efficient option for your window frames, aluminum is a great alternative. It is affordable and versatile, making it a great option for all kinds of window shapes.
This is a great way to make your home more efficient by upgrading just this one area of your home. Contact American Window Products today to talk about renovation options for your home!