The exterior of your home says a lot about you. The interior of your home says even more. Visitors often gain a first impression about you by simply looking at the outside of your house. They check out the exterior, size it up and form a quick opinion. Then, they take a step inside your home and get a deeper impression of how you live. All of these factors play into what people think about your living space. It typically takes months or years to make your home interior exactly how you’d like it. There are plenty of things you can do to achieve your desired look, and one of our favorites is installing new windows.

The areas you should focus on when updating your home include the windows and exterior doors, siding and landscaping and updating the big rooms. These are the three areas of focus you want to spend a fair amount of time on so that you can turn your home’s interior and exterior from “drab” to “fab.”

Update the Windows & Replace Exterior Doors

Updating your Jacksonville windows is the first step toward improving the appearance of your house. Your windows affect the interior and exterior look of your home, so making sure they’re clean and updated should be a priority. When the paint begins chipping and the glass has the cracks, it’ll be the first thing your guests notice. Replacing any outdated windows in your home is one of the simplest ways to give your home a needed facelift. The windows say a lot about the age of a home and when you have very old windows, especially those that are encased in aluminum, for example, you are probably wasting energy and also doing harm to the looks of your home from the inside.

The same can be said about the exterior doors that you may have. Replacing a front door, for example, is going to do wonders for both the inside of the home and the outside.When you look at the home and see a new front door, even new closet doors, it will help the visual appeal. The front door of your home is often your guest’s first impression, so it’s important to have an attractive, functioning door to greet your visitors. When you work with the American Window Products team to replace your front door, we’ll walk you through all of your options and help you reach a decision that makes the most sense for you and your family.

Give the Siding and Landscaping Some TLC

The siding of your home is another major exterior asset you either have to update or properly maintain. If you have old wooden or fiberglass siding, you may want to think about having the siding painted. Consider doing an upgrade to vinyl siding or new wooden siding. Either way, you’ll greatly improve the exterior appearance of your house by taking one of these steps.

Professional landscaping goes a long way when boosting the curb appeal of your home. Designing and planning for your desired landscaping often takes a professional, and we can assure you it’ll be money well spent. The right flowers, grass and greenery can completely transform the appearance of your house. Using plants is another approach that can be taken to update the curb appeal. We suggest that you get a series of potted plants of all different types, colors, and styles. When you line them up, you can play with the height of the plants too. The idea here is to have the plants complement the window, not block it entirely, so it is about striking that delicate line, that balance point. Plants are always an easy and reliable way, though, to dress up your exterior design.


Focus on the Big Rooms

The big rooms of a home are going to be the bathroom and the kitchen. Those are the two that should get the most attention regarding bringing them to the fab department. The resources that it is going to take to upgrade both of these spaces will be extensive, but the reward on the back-end is nothing short of amazing. When you have a fully remodeled kitchen you’re going to set the stage for guests to size up the age of your home and its appeal. The same goes for the bathroom.

A new bathroom that is fully updated, is highly appealing to anyone that will set their eyes on it. Some amazing things need done now with showers and tubs, options that just didn’t exist in the past. By updating, you’re going to end up with a spa-like environment, it’ll be modern, unique and breathtaking. There are plenty of ways to make your home’s interior more stylish. Something as simple as painting is going to prove to be helpful, but the focus should be on the big ticket items and spaces. The kitchen and the bathroom need a lot of attention


There are so many solutions at your disposal for bringing your home from “drab” to “fab.” Taking care of your home won’t just improve curb appeal and interior design, it’ll do a great job of increasing property value. Placing a focus on the windows and exterior doors will improve energy efficiency, security and comfort. Focusing on the big rooms that get the most traction will improve your guests’ experience and your living experience. The guys at American Window Products can help you with your home improvement process and create that beautiful home you imagine.