Regardless of your age, gender or circumstances, you care about your home’s curb appeal, even if it’s just a little. Some people only actually work on the exterior appearance of their home when it comes time to sell, but that’s not the best choice! Smart homeowners keep up with their house, and that includes constantly making improvements to boost curb appeal. Whether your reason for maintaining your house is to increase the value or improve attractiveness, we have a few tips that are guaranteed to make your house more appealing.

First impressions are huge, there’s no way around it. Research shows that potential homebuyers typically make a snap decision based on the outward appearance of the house. Not always a great fact to hear, especially if your curb appeal is lacking. If the buyer is impressed with the first look, there’s a far better chance they’ll be more lenient about outdated appliances or old carpet.

Replace Aging Windows

Want an easy, practical way to immediately boost curb appeal? Replace your outdated windows. Not only do old windows harm your home’s curb appeal, but they decrease energy efficiency and safety. American Window Products will walk you through the many benefits of new windows, including decreased energy bills and better UV protection.

Paint the Siding

If your home is built out of a material that’s able to be painted, you might want to thinking about touching up your current color or switching it up with something new. A fresh coat of paint will immediately improve the appearance and make your home look newly renovated. People pay attention to the siding of your house, so making little improvements to it is a no-brainer.

New Shutters

Another simple way to make your home look nicer is to change out the shutters (especially if you install new windows, too!) Shutters can make or break a house, which is why it’s important the paint isn’t chipping and they aren’t broken. New shutters might be the quick rejuvenation your home needs to bring it to the next level.

Landscaping Improvements

The landscaping of your home can also be addressed. Think about the types of plants you have and the way that your grass looks. Is it up to your standards? If not, your neighbors and visitors likely feel the same way. If you think the landscaping of your home is lacking, try adding some new things accents. Go with perennials that are going to grow back every year, or flower beds and trees to give your house a totally new look.

Power Washing

Power washing is one of easiest and cheapest ways to improve your home, and it often gets forgotten! You can power wash a lot of things and get some big benefits from something so simple. You can easily power wash a set of brick stairs, vinyl siding, walkways, driveways and a million other things!  Using a power washing technique is a quick and easy way to clean things up and add curb appeal.

There are plenty of things you can do on your own to improve your home’s appearance, but replacing your windows is something that should be left to the professionals. The expert team at American Window Products can examine your windows and make any repairs or replacements you might need. You’ll be impressed with our vast product selections and honest, accurate installation services. We can’t wait to work with you!