Winters in Jacksonville are a lot more bearable than in the rest of the country. Although they still get fairly cold and it’s not uncommon for members of Jacksonville’s community to clear their porches and put everything in storage as early as November. 

To help you get more out of your porch, we’ll cover some things you can do to make it winter-proof.

Decorative Lanterns

Warm your porch from the inside out with decorative lanterns. These won’t provide as much heat as a bonfire, but will be more effective than a candle. Adding a few lanterns to your porch area will make it slightly warmer and has the bonus of looking awesome. 

Insulated Curtains

Trap the heat by hanging up a set of insulated curtains. Insulated curtains cost between $30 to $150 and provide privacy and warmth. They’ll keep you feeling cozy all winter long and you can easily take them down or leave them open during the summer months. 

Portable Space Heater

Don’t forget about the tried and true portable space heater. Space heaters have been keeping families warm at tailgates and campsites for decades. Why not use one for the porch? 

Portable Fire Pit

If you’d prefer something more ‘outdoorsy’ than a portable space heater, you can add nature’s portable space heater to your porch — the portable fire! Portable fire pits come in all sizes and you can surely find one that suits your area perfectly. Also, unlike the space heater, this source of warmth can roast hot dogs and marshmallows. 

A Large Rug

Rugs add a layer of insulation to the floor. They help prevent cold air from rising up and cooling the rest of the space. 

A Basket of Blankets

Blankets won’t do anything to keep the porch warm, but they will keep you warm. It’s always a good idea to keep a basket of blankets underneath a chair, coffee table, or fire table. Your guests will love you.

Chairs with Cushions

Many outdoor seats are made from metal. Metal conducts heat extremely well, which means that all of the heat from your body is going to get absorbed by the chair. Buying chairs with cushions is a small touch, but it will definitely help keep everyone a bit warmer. 

Add a Roof

Without a roof, it will be tough to hang up the insulated curtains. Additionally, a roof will protect you from cold rain and snow. It’s a must-have for year-round porches. 

Patio enclosure

Adding a patio enclosure to your porch is the best way to make it winter-proof. A patio enclosure can take your porch to the next level. Four walls that feature either large windows or a screen material will provide you with all the shelter you need during rain, wind, or snow. Getting a patio enclosure will tie everything else on this list together. Your porch will be a coveted space to hang out during every month of the year. 

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