Summer heat affects your windows in many different ways that homeowners should be aware of. This kind of temperature change can have negative repercussions for your windows and your overall home.

That is why it’s important to understand what the heat is doing to your windows and how you can prevent it. This will allow you to beat the summer heat and protect your windows.

Every season has its downsides, and summer is no different with its hot temperatures. Keep reading to find out how summer heat affects your windows and how to prevent it.

Window Expansion

Heat affects your windows by creating thermal expansion from the extreme temperature shift. This is common in certain kinds of window frames that contract in cold weather and expand in the heat.

Though this is typically considered to be normal, it can start to cause problems with your windows. Consistent expansion during temperature changes can result in altered windows.

This thermal expansion can alter the shape and size of your windows. This can then create issues with the glass and the seals as the shape and size of the framing have changed.

This can result in you having to replace the entire window in extreme cases. Which is a costly outcome, so it is best to prevent this from happening.

Window Shrinking

After the summer heat has gone, your windows could start to shrink from the change in temperature. Window frames that have expanded will now shrink back to normal size or even smaller from the cold.

With new windows, this isn’t too big of an issue as they are still in good shape. New windows are a bit more flexible and can hold up to this kind of expansion and shrinking better than older windows.

Older windows can start to create gaps between the framing and the sill. This can create structural issues with the overall window and result in it needing to be replaced.

This is a more common problem in old and large windows specifically.

How You Can Prevent These Window Problems

Summer heat affects your windows in two very specific ways. Though this is mostly normal for windows to react this way, it can lead to issues in the future.

Modern windows are now being made to prevent these issues for homeowners. This makes windows more durable and long-lasting in climates that have cold and hot seasons.

There are several things that you can do to help better enable your windows to withstand hot temperatures. This can help them to last longer and stay in better quality over the years and changing seasons.

Here are three things that you can do to prevent these issues from happening to your windows during summer.

Get Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are a great option if you want framing that holds heat and cold better. American Window Products has vinyl window frames that are ideal for hot temperatures.

This can help your window frames to hold in less heat, reducing the amount of expansion it does. This will automatically help to also reduce shrinking in cold weather.

This will help your windows to stay intact much longer and reduce size and shape changes over the seasons. 

These vinyl frames are also very cost-effective and highly customizable for your home. They hold in much less heat than wood frames and are just as affordable for most customers.

While older vinyl windows were not considered to be an energy-efficient option, modern ones have fixed that issue. Now vinyl frames are considered to be a great option for hot and cold weather.

Get Low-E Glass

Low-E glass stands for low emissivity glass that helps heat to prevent heat from coming through the window. It blocks out UV light while still allowing plenty of natural light to come through.

This is a very popular choice in places with much hotter climates as it is one of the best types of glass for heat. Not only does it withstand heat exceptionally well, but it is also designed to block heat from coming inside.

This helps your overall window to be better suited for hot temperatures and helps the glass to stay in good condition. It is also ideal for keeping the heat out of your home and reducing your AC bill.

This is a less extensive option than replacing the entire window as only the glass will be replaced. This is a simple job and is usually affordable.

Replace Your Windows

If your windows are old or worn, you should consider getting the entire window replaced. This can help you to have a more energy-efficient home that absorbs less heat from the windows.

If you wait too long, this will be a necessity as windows that have shrunk too much will need to be replaced. They will have gaping and will no longer be able to hold in the inside temperature.

If you do need to replace the entire window, it is best to get windows that will hold up better in heat. This would typically involve vinyl framing and a heat-protected or energy-efficient glass.

These things will help your windows to hold up better to how the heat affects your windows. This will lengthen the life of your windows and help your home to be more energy-efficient.

This is a financial investment, but it could save you money later on if your windows become damaged. Prevention is always the best option when it comes to your windows.

Get Summer Ready with AWP!

Heat affects your windows in a few ways that can have a lasting impact on the quality of the windows. These are things to consider if you live in a climate with hot summers.

There are several things that you can do to prevent this kind of damage to your windows. These are options that homeowners should consider if they want energy-efficient and durable windows in their homes.

Even small changes can make a big difference for your windows. Visit American Window Products for more options for durable windows for the summer heat.