No one likes a room without windows. They’re dark and can feel cramped. Before glass was created however, the window wasn’t possible. 

How did we figure out how to create glass? How are windows made? This article will answer both of those questions. The process is fascinating. 

How Glass is Made

In the past, glass was made from pure sand. Sand was collected and then put into a furnace and heated at temperatures of up to 3000 degrees fahrenheit. The sand would stay in the furnace for hours, eventually turning into a molten liquid. 

Then it was left to cool. During the cooling process, the properties of the sand change. In scientific terms the silicone dioxide in the sand undergoes a physical transformation. In layman’s terms, the sand turns into glass. 

Today, manufacturers utilize the same science they always have to make glass, but they’ve modified it slightly to make the process more efficient. 

Today’s glass manufacturers add sodium carbonate, soda ash, dolomite, salt cake, and limestone to the sand, creating a mixture of substances. The main ingredient is still the sand, but the additives lower the melting point of the silicone dioxide significantly. Now, temperatures of 1500 degrees fahrenheit can transform sand into glass. 

How Glass is Turned into Windows

Once the sand is physically transformed into glass, it still has a long way to go before it’s ready to function as a window.

First, while the glass is still molten hot, it is poured over molten tin. This process ensures the glass is completely flat, so that there will not be any problems with opacity or texture. Next, the glass is put on a conveyor belt and thinned out to meet the required specifications. Then, the glass is cut by machines so it is the right size in terms of length and height. 

It’s then cleaned by a high-powered pressure cleaner. Once a few pieces of glass are cleaned and trimmed to be the correct size, the panes are sealed together with a substance called polyisobutylene and then coated with elastic rubber. At this point, the glass portion of the window is complete. 

Manufacturers then build the individual component of the frame and weld those together. Finally, once the frame is built, the frame and glass are put together to create a completed window. 

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