Brace yourself for 90-degree heat and high humidity for the next few months! Summer has officially arrived in Jacksonville, and it’s set to be one of the hottest yet. Residents and travelers all over FL are getting ready for the record-breaking temperatures in many ways. While plenty of people lather on the sunscreen and hit the beach, many others reach out to local window companies. It’s smart to protect yourself from the heat indoors and outdoors, and we’re here to help.


Whether you’ve lived in Jacksonville your whole life or just planted your roots, there are a few things you need to know about staying cool in the summer. Homes are complicated structures. A million different parts have to work together to perfectly regulate the internal temperature. From AC best practices to potential window damage, American Window Products has the tips you need to keep your home cool.

Strategically Set Your Ceiling Fans

Set your ceiling fans to move counter-clockwise. What does this do, exactly? When you tell the air to move in this direction, it forces warm air away from the room which keeps the space cooler. Reversing the blades’ movement pushes warm air to the ceiling instead of in the common space.


Locate the small switch on the base of your ceiling fan to change the direction of air flow. This is a simple way to circulate cool air down into the room without any additional expense.

Realize the Benefits of a Low-E Glass Window Coating

This is one of the most effective ways to significantly lower your utility bills and keep your home cooler. Low-E Glass is an invisible layer on the window panes that lets in natural light while blocking harmful UV rays. This keeps the internal temperature of your home cool and protects your skin and furnishings from harmful FL sun damage.


Also, the coating regulates your home’s temperature when it reflects the sun off of your windows. Window companies haven’t seen innovation like this in years, and we believe every homeowner should have access. American Window Products offers free Low-E Glass when you choose to install six or more windows.

Use a Dehumidifier to Combat Humidity

There’s just nothing worse than stepping out of a warm shower into a hot room. A dehumidifier will remove excess moisture from the air (and there’s a whole lot of it if you live in Jax!) and keep your family cooler.


Other simple ways to prevent indoor sweating include using cooling bamboo bedsheets and wearing breathable clothing.

Close Your Blinds During Peak Daylight Hours

The hot sun entering your home equals heat, heat, heat! Simply close the blinds between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm to keep your home up to 15-degrees cooler.


Not a huge fan of sitting in a dark house? We don’t blame you. A simple way to let in a small amount of natural light is to just lower your shades halfway down the window. This lets the light in but not the heat. Win, win.

Shade the Exterior of Your Home

If a dark house drives you crazy, you’re definitely not alone. Make a compromise and install a sunshade on the outside of your house. Identify the side of your home with the strongest sun and use a shade like this to block the rays.


Kick it up a notch and use stylish awnings around the outside of your home. Window companies recommend features like these to improve your home’s energy efficiency and better regulate the temperature.

Grow a Large Plant Near Your Windows

This one takes patience but completely pays off in the long run. A tree in full-bloom placed near a bright part of the outside of your home can block around 75-percent of the solar radiation. Trees and large shrubbery lower the surface temperature by up to 45-degrees compared to unshaded spots.


Some of the best plants for absorbing heat include palms, sunflowers and crepe myrtles. Head to your local nursery for help choosing the perfect plants for your home.

Top Window Companies like Us Know How to Keep Your Home Cool

No matter how you slice it, the windows in your home have the largest impact on internal temperature regulation. We’re here to keep it easy for you. Simple problems like a crack in the window pane can cause big problems in the long run.
Not sure if your windows need to be replaced or simply repaired? Take this quick quiz to get your answer. The American Window Products team believes everyone deserves to stay comfortable during the hot Jacksonville, FL summers. Reach out to us today to install new windows with your free Low-E Glass coating.