People talk. Whether it’s about the new neighbors who just moved in down the street or the best windows to install in a Jacksonville home, the truth isn’t always at the core of casual chit chat. Windows are an investment, so it’s important to seek the advice of experts and not the woman a cubicle over!


Florida building and environmental codes greatly affect the type of windows you should install in your home. From turtle glass to hurricane impact windows, it’s crucial to educate yourself about different rules and regulations before opening your wallet for new windows.


American Window Products has served Jacksonville for over 36 years. We’ve earned a reputation in the Jacksonville area for honest team members, high-quality windows and unbeatable prices. As far as professional window installers in Northeast Florida go, we’re certainly qualified to offer the advice you need when window shopping.


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4 Myths About Energy Efficiency in the Home


  • Turning Off Your Appliances Shuts Down their Energy Usage

We hate to break it to ‘ya, but this household rumor just isn’t true. While turning off appliances doesn’t cut off their energy usage, unplugging your appliances will. In an effort to avoid telling you that the only way to save energy is by unplugging ever little thing every time you leave your home, consider using power strips. Plugging three or more appliances or light fixtures into the power strip means you only have to flip a few switches every day instead of dozens. Genius, we know!

  • Closing Unused Air Conditioning Vents Helps Reduce Energy Costs

Everyone and their mother has closed AC vents in a certain room because they believe it shuts off the flow of air to that part of the house. Another old wive’s tale that falls flat. Simply put, closing AC vents alters the balance of air flow in the ducts. Completely shutting these vents can throw your HVAC system off balance and lead to duct leaks and wasted energy.

If airflow to unused rooms in your home is of major concern, consider installing a smart thermostat with zone AC/heating preferences. These thermostats will safely and correctly restrict airflow to certain parts of your home without ever having to shut a vent. Thank goodness for technology.

  • HVAC Systems are the Main Cause of High Energy Bills

Yes, this was probably true in the 1960s. The last couple of decades have introduced incredible technology that also happens to be huge energy wasters. Modern electronics and appliances like computers, gaming stations and TVs are now the primary recipients of the energy supply in your home. The increased sophistication of home technologies, like smart fridges, is expected to increase energy consumption even more. Unless you don’t watch TV in your home or give in to the advances of the modern world, this is likely in line with the energy consumption breakdown for your household.

  • Saving Money on Monthly Energy Bills Requires Expensive Upgrades

This really isn’t the case. While purchasing top-of-the-line windows or a brand new HVAC system for your home can get costly, there are plenty of ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency without making a huge dent in your bank account. A simple way to save about one percent on your energy bill is by bumping up your thermostat about 10 degrees while you’re away.

When it comes to replacing your windows, always talk with a professional about the budget you have in mind and the type of energy savings you’d like to reach.

Chat With the Window Experts Before Purchasing Your New Windows

Energy efficiency is a continuously growing issue in our world. Whether it’s about windows or car emissions, there’s always something more that can be done to decrease our energy consumption. Small but crucial decisions, like the windows you install in your Jacksonville home, can have a huge effect on your monthly expenses and environmental impact.


“We had our windows replaced this week and they look great! We had original 1950s windows and the new ones look modern but as if they were always installed with the house. I can already tell a difference with our insulation and AC with the new windows.” – Kaily W, Google Review


The products we offer at American Window Products always meet or exceed the environmental standards of the state of Florida. We partner with top brands to provide you with the absolute best window and door products at the lowest possible prices.