Living along Florida’s magical coastline comes with countless perks. The daily sunshine pouring into your large eastern-facing windows, breathtaking views…we could go on forever. While there are many benefits, the massive amount of reflected sunlight poses caused by many windows poses a threat to turtle nesting. Once baby sea turtles hatch they return to the sea. The sunlight that reflects from inland confuses the young sea turtles, resulting in fatal outcomes. In order to prevent this from happening we have a new product we call, “turtle glass.” Now you may have some questions like, “What’s turtle glass?” and “How does it work?” We’re here to dive into these questions and more:


What is Turtle Glass?


Turtle glass is a special kind of glass that has been tinted to project little to no light, along with visible light transmittance of less than 45%. This limits the amount of light that escapes from windows, which allows the baby sea turtles to return back to sea using the strong light from the moon.


Are There Any Areas Where Turtle Glass is Required?


Surprisingly, yes, residences and businesses along the shores are required by the Model Lighting Ordinance to preserve marine life from harsh blinding light. Instead of constantly drawing the blinds early each night, many coastal areas have begun to install turtle glass. Turtle glass allows families and businesses to keep the lights on longer through the night.
The reflective colors of the turtle glass draw in people that are passing by, but they definitely don’t draw in the turtles. It serves two purposes, design and functionality. What more could you ask for? Let’s agree to take the correct steps to save the turtles and upgrade our homes. Call us today if you have any questions about turtle glass. We can’t get enough of it!