If your window is damaged, you may need a window repair to fix this issue. This is important as you do not want to leave damaged windows as they are.

Most window repair projects are quite simple and are pretty affordable. This is great if you have any kind of window damage that needs to be addressed.

Keep reading to find out about window repairs, costs, and other important details.

Common Glass Window Repair Projects

There are many different things that can result in your window needing to be repaired. Some are very minimal, while others are more severe and take more to fix.

Keep reading to find out what kind of window repairs there are.

Scratched Glass

There are many home repair options when it comes to scratched windows, though it is not guaranteed that they will work.

Many home window repair methods for scratch glass include using ingredients to buff out to scratch itself. This will really only work on very light scratches that are on the surface of the glass.

If the scratch is deeper, buffing it will not remove it entirely. Using these kinds of methods might even result in more window damage.

It is best to call up a professional to avoid causing any more damage to your windowpane.

The general cost to have a scratched window pane repaired is around $250 on average. This process will only take a few hours at the longest as it is a very minimal job.

Broken Glass

If your window has broken glass, there is not much you can do in this situation as the damage is extensive. Some people will temporarily patch it up with things like tape, cardboard, paper, or fabric.

None of these solutions is long-term and should only be used if you want to block off that window until it can be fixed.

This kind of window repair is best left to the professionals as it needs to be done correctly. If not repaired correctly, you could have a poorly installed and poorly insulated window.

Most homeowners can expect to pay between $50 and $100 to replace a broken window pane. And $30 to $50 for the cost of labor, this process can take many hours depending on the type of window.

It may also take a while to extract the broken glass from the area to replace the glass panel.

Chipped Glass

Some homeowners are able to repair minor glass chips with epoxy or liquid glass products. These are crystal clear products that can fill the chipped area to make it look like the glass has been repaired.

This is a good home alternative for a window repair for chips, though it has to be done correctly. It is easy to make this look messy and like the glass has obviously been damaged.

If you use this method, you will want to be very careful and fill the chipped areas as cleanly as possible. You will also want to be careful when working with hazardous materials such as epoxy.

Having chipped glass windows repaired will generally cost around $40 to $100, depending on the extent of the damage. Chips are not very expensive to repair, especially if they are shallow and there aren’t many.

This is a minimal repair job and shouldn’t take more than a few hours to finish.

Cracked Glass

Some homeowners decide to go the DIY route and try to repair cracked windows on their own. The most common way to do this is with liquid glass or an epoxy solution.

This may work to fill the crack, but it generally leaves an unsightly repair job that is very noticeable. This can be very unsightly for a window that you often look out of or is visible to those outside.

It is best to hire a professional to properly fix a cracked windowpane for a better look. This is an affordable option and will yield much nicer results that you will appreciate far more.

Keep in mind that serious cracking will result in the pane needing to be replaced. Minimal cracks can be repaired, but more severe ones would not be worth trying to fix.

Cracked windows generally cost around the same amount as chips do, depending on the extent of the damage. You can expect to pay around $70 to $100 for cracked glass windows.

If the glass needs to be replaced entirely, this could cost around $50 to $100, not including the cost of labor. A professional will be able to tell you which repair option you should go with.

Window Replacement

If your window is severely damaged, you may need to replace the entire window. Sometimes the extent of the damage is too great to try to do any kind of repairs.

Though it is possible to replace a window yourself, it is best to not do this unless you are a professional.

The cost of having the entire window replaced will generally be around $200 to $350. Though this is going to depend greatly on the size of your window and what kind of window it is.

If you decide to replace more than one window, this price will also go up. The cost of labor for replacing a window is generally around $75 to $150.

Keep in mind that all of these price points can differ according to where you live, the extent of the window repair, and the type of window. Many different things can affect this final total when having repair work done.

American Window Products Can Help!

If your window needs to be repaired, these are the kinds of options that you have. Many of these repairs are very affordable and take only a short amount of time for a professional to complete.

If your window is damaged in any way, you should try to get it repaired as soon as possible. Windows can begin to only get worse if they are left damaged.

If your window needs to be repaired, you can check out the American Window Products website for more information.