Blackout shades, blinds, drapes…we’re firm believers Floridians led the charge in creating these sun-blocking solutions for windows! We don’t blame them, of course. Anyone who lives in Jacksonville knows the struggle to keep the home cool during the summer heat. Between high utility bills and the urge to splurge on effective sun shades, costs can add up this time of year.


American Window Products believes in affordable, high-quality windows for homeowners of all budgets. We’re here to take it one step further — take a look at our DIY, low-cost tips for installing window treatments.

Choose the Shades Right for Your Home

This is hands down the most important step of window treatment installation. Once you install energy efficient windows, the clear next move is to give your home privacy and protection from heat.


Your main choices and their benefits:


  • Bamboo Shades: Adds a unique look to your home, blocks heat but still lets in natural light
  • Vertical Blinds: Less likely to collect dust, easy to operate, great for doors or windows that move left to right instead of up and down
  • Roman Shades: Great for privacy and to block sunlight, provide insulation
  • Curtains/Drapery: Countless functionality and appearance options, can provide blackout qualities
  • Sheer Curtains: Allow you to see outside your windows without letting others see inside your home
  • Venetian Blinds: Run horizontally across your windows, provide maximum privacy, can let in natural light as little or as much as you’d like

Fall in Love with the Texture You Pick

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your design options. Don’t fret, we’re here to help. If you’re like many homeowners, you want on-trend treatments that provide maximum benefits (and also stay in budget, of course) for your home and windows.


Every home has a natural aesthetic that either needs to be elevated or coordinated with your window treatments. When you begin to make appearance decisions for your windows, consider the look of the individual room.


Texture and material is a great place to start. If you opt for curtains in a formal space, heavy silk and velvet are great options. Of course, not for the budget-conscious buyers! These are expensive fabrics that require periodic dry cleaning. Practical options include cotton sateen and rayon blends. If you want something more casual, consider crushed velvet or neutral linen.

The Curtain Color and Pattern is a Crucial Decision

The color or pattern you choose can either fall into the background of your room or provide a pop of brightness. To blend the curtain into the current tones, choose fabric a couple of shades darker than the walls. Or, pull a minimal neutral from the rug or pillows for the curtains.


Partial to patterns? Here’s a quick rule — stay away from busy patterns if you already use them in another aspect of the room. Cabana stripes and small patterns will provide a subtle boost of energy to your space.

Grab Your Toolbox and get to Work

Once you’re set on the curtain length and width and the rod size (work with a window treatment pro, they’ll help with measurements), it’s time for installation. Proper measurements are crucial, so brush up on your tape measure skills before you get to work.  


Step 1: Measure and mark the curtain rod bracket locations on your wall with a pencil. Use a level to line up the markings to make sure your curtains hang perfectly.

Step 2: If the marks don’t fall atop studs, install wall anchors that can support the curtain weight. Drill a pilot hole before you install the anchor. Next, set the bracket and drill in the screws. Adjust the screws until the bracket sits firmly in place.

Step 3: Remove the finials and install the curtain rod atop your windows. Follow the instructions on the product you purchased. Tighten the screws then put the finials back in place.


Voila! You just successfully installed curtains to protect your home from the intense Jacksonville heat. If you combine a high-quality window treatment with energy efficient Low-E glass windows, your home will be perfectly protected this summer.

Great Windows are the First Step to a Cool Home

We’re all about investing in the right window treatments, but your first step has to be selecting the perfect windows for your Jacksonville home. Between affordable aluminum windows and energy efficient Barcelona windows, partner with the American Window Products pros to make your decision easy.


In need of new windows? We’re here to help. Contact us today for your free estimate.