Barcelona Windows

Bring a unique combination of style, protection, and energy efficiency to your home with our SOFT-LITE Barcelona Windows. As a homeowner you want your home to be equipped with windows that meet these three important standards. With the latest ENERGY STAR approved technology, SOFT-LITE Barcelona impact windows exceed unparalleled.


These windows feature large glass panes for a simple yet elegant look complemented by long-lasting dura sill frames. This material is easily customizable allowing for a wide range of possibilities to fit virtually any of your window needs. Not only does Barcelona Windows look amazing but the special vinyl requires virtually no cleaning.

Fortifying your home can be difficult when trying to find a middle ground between attractive and durable window options. Look no further. Developed with high-quality materials, Barcelona windows have super tough frames paired with impact-resistant laminated glass.  Not only do they hold up to the harshest hurricane seasons Florida has to offer, but this combination also fortifies against possible intruders and anything else that might try to breach an entry point to your home.

Energy Efficent

Lastly, with Barcelona windows, you'll be able to drastically reduce your carbon footprint while also reduce your leaking wallet. High tech multichambered, weather stripping frames keep the outside air out and the inside air in. The impact glass is ENERGY STAR approved so you can rest knowing your windows are extremely sustainable to the environment.

If you’re interested in scheduling a free in-home consultation and estimate appointment for a collection of Barcelona windows, with no obligation whatsoever, contact American Window Products, Inc. today. We off incredible, continuing service for as long as you own our Barcelona windows.

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