There’s nothing more important in hurricane-prone Jacksonville than keeping your home equipped with every layer of protection. From roof patching to replacement windows, there are simple measures you can take so your home is in tip-top shape when it matters most.


Spring often triggers so much more than the desire to de-clutter. It’s human nature to want to refresh your home around this time of year, too. Unfortunately, it’s just not practical to go around every month and check the locks on windows and replace the stones in your driveway.


Spring is a great time to set aside a couple of days for crucial home updates. From preventing cold drafts during installation to improving working conditions, American Window Products recommends this time of year for replacement windows and doors.

Clear Reasons to Replace Your Windows in the Spring

Benefit #1: Improve Your Quality of Life for the Summer

Spring is such a popular time for home improvement projects because homeowners around Jacksonville want their home in the best shape for summer. When house guests and kiddos filter in and out almost daily, it’s important for things to be in working order.


Updating your windows doesn’t just improve the appearance of your home, but it also cuts back on maintenance requirements and energy bills. Brand new windows could be that refresh your home needs before the busy season.

Benefit #2: Lower Your Utility Bill Just in Time for the Hot Weather

It’s no secret your AC works overtime during the hot Florida summers. When you invest in high-quality replacement windows, you’ll see the benefits of lower energy costs, a cooler house and fewer maintenance requirements.


Your energy expenses in the summer add up. Energy efficient options like Low-E Glass and Vinyl are great ways to equip your home with the insulation it needs to perform at its pique.

Benefit #3: Longer Days Mean Faster Installation

Replacement windows and the installation process takes time and hard work. When the sun is out for a couple more hours in the evening, that means your American Window Products installation pros have more time to get their job done. Our team works around the clock to make sure nothing is rushed and everything is installed perfectly. In the springtime, we simply have more hours in the day to do so.


Not to mention the perfect weather! Spring in Jacksonville offers low humidity, moderate heat and partly cloudy days. The perfect conditions for an expert to install replacement windows!

Benefit #4: Put that Tax Return to Good Use for Your Family

We know, that new motorcycle or handbag can be so tempting. When you have extra cash flow this time of year, it’s important to evaluate where that money is best spent. A simple way to decide if new windows are the right investment is to take our Repair or Replace Quiz. Sometimes, all you need is a simple repair to improve the state of your home.

Benefit #5: Take Advantage of Special Savings During the Spring Months

A great way to boost resale value, increase energy efficiency and improve comfort levels is to invest in Low-E Glass. Unfortunately, it can be expensive. Jacksonville residents who decide this is for them can upgrade their windows for free to take advantage of these benefits.


Another awesome perk this season? When you decide to replace six or more windows in your home, the installation cost is on us. If you’ve ever undergone a home upgrade, you know that labor costs are often what tips the scale. Take advantage of this discount to keep costs low this spring.

Beat the Rush and Get Started with Replacement Windows Today

Because of these benefits, Spring becomes a busy time to replace your windows. Window suppliers and installers around Jacksonville can’t stress enough the importance of seeking out a service provider sooner rather than later.


We could not be more pleased with their overall positive attitude and conversations we had. That team of installers made us feel like we were the most important part of their day. Looking at the finished job they both performed, we could tell that they both understood what quality is, because that’s the service we received.

- Mike J., Google Review

The American Window Products team has provider year-round installation services in Jacksonville for nearly 40 years. For the best prices and top-quality services, reach out to our professionals today.