bigstock-145508966.jpgOwning a home is fun and all until you realize the necessary improvement projects that go along with it. Many of them can be stressful and costly, but proper planning and preparation can ease the burden bigtime. Unless you purchased a home that’s new construction, chances are there are parts of the house that have worn down over the years and need a little work. There’s a lot that goes into a home improvement project, and it’s important to consider all angles. What’s the correct order in which you should get the projects done? How can I stay within budget? Who should I hire?

A smart homeowner takes a step back from the projects and makes calculated decisions, working from the outside in. One of the most important parts of your home is the windows, not just for aesthetic appeal but for protection from weather and intruders. Harsh storms roll through Jacksonville pretty frequently, and making sure your windows, roof and exterior doors are in perfect condition is an absolute must.

Make Sure Your Home is Insulated and Protected

Before you replace the countertops or splurge for new floors, it’s absolutely important that the exterior of your home is up to the task of keeping your family safe. You should create a checklist starting with the most important projects that need to be taken care of, including the roof, garage door, siding and windows. All of these features work together to keep water outside, maintain a desirable interior temperature and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Once you finish all of the necessary exterior projects, there are a few things to take care of inside before you can start working on the fun stuff. Make sure all aspects of your electrical and plumbing are running correctly. When that’s done, it’s finally time for the exciting renovations, like remodeling the kitchen or updating the bathrooms.

The Windows Make a Difference

Your windows have a huge impact on the functionality of the rest of the house. When your windows begin to age and break down, you’ll severely lack in energy efficiency and protection. Old, single paned windows can easily result in shattered glass or cracked frames. Any new window you have installed will have durable multi-paned glass and sturdy frames.

Old windows don’t just break easily, they’re also far more susceptible to leaks. Moisture from the outside (which is a lot if you live in Florida!) can make its way through the cracks, causing mold and mildew to grow.

The windows should be a huge focus, but not your only focus. Your exterior doors, roof and siding are extremely important to the overall functionality of the house. Make it a priority to keep these aspects of the house at the top of your priority list and constantly well-maintained. A smart homeowner seeks to keep their house safe and secure, beginning with the exterior. The American Window Products team understands the risks associated with outdated windows, and we’ll take care of any window repairs or replacements you might need in your new home.