Here at American Window Products we pride ourselves on being window experts that serve Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas. Windows are our business which means we have heard a lot of advice about how to treat, clean, repair and care for windows.


Unfortunately, not all of the advice we hear is good. As a matter of fact, we want to share some of the worst advice we’ve ever heard about windows.


Bad Advice #1: Just Buy Single Paned Windows to Save Money

We’ve often heard it said that buying single paned windows will save homeowners money. It is true that single paned windows cost less upfront than double paned windows. However, your home’s windows will typically last twenty to forty years dependent on how you care for them and the climate in which you live.


That is a long time. When making a decision on a product that will be in your home for years to come, you must consider more than just the upfront ticket price. Single paned windows don’t offer homeowners the long-term cost savings of double paned windows.


Double paned windows are windows with two panes of glass sealed with a thin pocket of insulating gas in between. This extra insulation helps homeowners save on energy costs up to 30%. Over the life of your windows, this will result in years of energy savings that you wouldn’t have with single paned windows.


American Window Products’ motto is “we service windows as long as you own them.” With this type of relationship, we want to ensure that you make the right decision for the life of your windows.


Bad Advice #2: I’m Handy, I Can Replace a Broken Window Myself

Windows are not a DIY project. First, you have to understand how to buy a replacement window. Windows for new construction installation are different than replacement windows. Often you cannot find the correct replacement window at your local hardware store.


Window installers are trained experts that practice installing windows every day. They do this professionally and have the correct tools to get the job done. You don’t want to injure yourself or your home trying to replace a window.


While it may be tempting to save money by taking on a window replacement project yourself, it may actually cost you more in the long run. If not installed correctly, your window won’t have the proper insulation and may allow unnecessary transfer of air into or out of your home.


For window replacement in or around Jacksonville, Florida, contact the experts at American Window Products. We will offer a competitive bid and excellent service for your window repair.


Bad Advice #3: Wood Windows are a Better Investment than Vinyl Windows

Windows are available in many different types and styles. Choosing which option to go with should be based on many different factors. Remember, just because a product costs more does not necessarily make it the better choice.


Wood windows are a good option for some homeowners; however, vinyl windows often rate better than wood windows. While the energy efficiency levels of both types of windows are similar, with other factors vinyl is better.


The upkeep for vinyl windows is more manageable. Vinyl windows never need to be repainted or restained while wood windows should be restained or repainted every four years. Even if you prefer the look of wood, vinyl windows are now available in many different colors and finishes. Vinyl windows can be fitted with woodgrain laminate to give you the wood-like look you want.


Finally, wood windows cost much more than vinyl windows. With vinyl you can have the customized look you want for a lower cost.


Bad Advice #4: Windows are Expensive, I Don’t Really Need to Replace Old Windows

While quality windows do last homeowners for many years, over time the windows in a home will need to be replaced. If you have purchased an older home, you should consider updating your windows.


Allowing your home’s windows to fall into disrepair may lead to higher energy bills. You may also find that your windows are no longer safe. You want to make sure that all of the locks on your windows are in working order.


Additionally, replacing old and outdated windows will add to your home’s value. If you are planning to sell your home, replacing the windows will help your resale value.


If you are unsure whether to repair or replace your windows, you can take our online quiz ( You can also contact American Window Products to schedule an in-home estimate.


Bad Advice #5: Foggy Window Repair Will Fix Double Paned Windows

Foggy window repair is a service offered to improve the cosmetic look of your double paned windows when the space in between the two window panes becomes hazy. This service may be an option to consider. However, this won’t replace your window’s gas insulation layer.


Foggy window repair is cheaper than replacing your double paned windows. In areas like Jacksonville, Florida where winter temperatures are milder, you may find the insulation isn’t mandatory to keep the cold out.


However, the insulation in double paned windows also helps keep the hot air out. Your energy savings may be impacted if you no longer have the added insulation. It’s important to understand what it means to have foggy window repair instead of replacing your window.


Your Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding area window experts at American Window Products want to save you from bad window advice. If you ever have questions about your window needs, contact us. We would be happy to schedule an in-home estimate or answer your window questions.