Bare trees, shorter days and frosty mornings all indicate Winter’s impending arrival. In many areas of the country, storm windows have gone up, thermostats have been switched from air-conditioning to heat, and homeowners go about the business of winterizing their property against the coming chill.

Living in an area of true winter weather can be a burden. Snow and ice, sub-freezing temperatures and endless grey days take their toll on many who endure the season. Even those who enjoy winter sports and recreation grow weary at the thought of winterizing the patio. It may seem as though the summer months spent enjoying the sunshine and company of friends and family is a dream.

Preparing your patio for non-use during the colder months can be an arduous chore. Sweeping and cleaning the floor, removing long-dead plants and flowers, and shielding your patio décor from inclement weather is necessary in preserving your outdoor space for the next season’s good times. With the proper care, your outdoor furniture and recreational space will be ready for spring and summer entertaining.

As you prepare to close down your patio, put away your cushions, stack your chairs, store your umbrellas, cover your grill and table, you can’t help but feel a little bit regretful. The cold days and nights spent cooped up inside your home can seem never-ending and “cabin fever” knows only one remedy-to get outside.

Enjoy Your Patio in Winter

Going outside isn’t all that inviting when the mercury falls, but it could be so much more pleasant with an enclosed patio. Reading a book, sipping your morning coffee, or simply taking a moment to pause and reflect in the warmth and privacy of your enclosed patio, sunroom or solarium is good for the soul. Most homeowners who go to the expense of enclosing their patio, do so in an effort to stay connected with the outdoors, from a warm and comfortable spot.

Using your patio year-round makes perfect sense. Today’s patio enclosures, windows and doors are highly energy efficient and can protect you and your family from winter’s chill. In addition to the sealed enclosures, you can add to the comfort of your enclosed patio by placing thick, cushiony rugs on the floor, and tossing cuddly, cozy throws on the furniture, inviting your guests to snuggle and enjoy a warm beverage and friendly conversation on a blustery winter’s day.

You may consider extra options for warming your window on the world. Space heaters are much more energy cost friendly and safer than ever. Take precautions to keep them away from fabrics and other flammable items, but placed appropriately, a space heater can provide sufficient warmth to you space.

Your Enclosed Patio is Good for Your Health

Cabin fever, a common complaint of those who live months on end cooped up due to frigid outdoor conditions, can lead to seasonal depression. This very real condition can impact your work, relationships and life in general, if you don’t get a handle on your symptoms. Caught early enough, the remedy is usually some sunshine, a cheery environment and a bit of time spent enjoying the outdoors. Even if you can’t run out and play in the snow, you can enjoy the day in your own sunroom.

So, go ahead and let the snow fall, let the wind blow and the thermometer plummet. With your new enclosed patio, you and your family can enjoy watching winter pass by from the warmth and comfort of your sealed and energy efficient solarium, sunroom, or enclosed lanai. Just because it’s cold outside, you shouldn’t stop enjoying your patio.