Many homeowners will struggle with what to do with a broken window. Windows get broken in homes across Florida and the rest of the United States every day. One way to handle this problem is to have the window repaired, while the other popular route is to go with a window replacement. Let’s take a look at some of the long-term benefits of spending the money on a window replacement, rather than going for the quick short-term fix of a repair job.

Repairs Are Not Build to Last

The main reason why a window is broken is because it has worn down over time and is weaker than it was when it was first installed. A ball is going to have a much easier time going through and old thin window compared to a new thicker window. Window repair men and women will come in and offer quick fixes to have the piece of glass replaced. Is this the best solution though?

Window repair jobs are simply not built to last. Replacing a broken window is the equivalent of putting a new set of breaks on a very old car that barely starts. Sure, the breaks will help it stop, but can it even keep running for that much longer for it to matter? More problems happen to windows than just broken glass. Older wooden windows will rot out over time, locks will begin to break, insulation will worsen, and the windows will not be able to do the job they once did. Window repairs may get the window back to its previous state, but that fix is not going to have the strength to last over the long-haul.

Getting the Most for Your Money

Getting a lot of value for your money is important for homeowners. A window repair can cost just as much, if not more than, a window replacement. Even if a repair job comes in quotes a few dollars cheaper, the benefits of a window replacement will outweigh those costs. Added insulation will help reduce energy costs to heat your home. Better UV ray protection will ensure that the furniture and other areas hit by the sun through your window are better protected. Also, the glass will be better suited, along with the window casing itself, to really last over the long-haul. Spending $150 to repair a window that will last you five years is not as value-packed as replacing the same window for $250 and having it last fifteen to twenty years.

Window replacement is always the better option when thinking about what to do with a broken window. Window repairs can still be quite costly and simply do not have the long-term value that a brand new window brings to the table. Price out both options if you are in this predicament, but be sure to weigh the benefits of a new window before making a quick decision about what to do to get the job done right.