Quality windowsBuying a home is one of the biggest purchases anyone will make in their lifetime. If you don’t have some guidance, it’s an intimidating and scary process. Curious what you should pay attention to when purchasing a home? Everything. (Sorry if that doesn’t help much…) From the kitchen appliances to the windows, every aspect needs to be inspected. The windows are one of the most importants assets of a home and the condition of the windows can be a dealbreaker. It’s important to check the windows, because replacing them can get pretty expensive. 

How Many Panes of Glass?

Do you know how many panes of glass are in the windows of your new home? If you’re buying a home with older windows, the answer is likely one pane. Single panes of glass can be a problem because the windows won’t do a great job of insulating your home or keeping energy bills low.

Do They Open Easily?

When you take a tour of the house, make a point of opening and closing the windows. The seller might try to paint the windows shut or just hope they won’t be opened by potential buyers. Open every window to make sure there are no big problems.

Anything Broken

Do everything you can to make sure there’s no cracks or shatters in the glass. If all the windows are free from cracks and breaks, the windows are likely in decent shape. In the event that there’s an issue with the windows, it’s important to take care of this with the owner before you make the big purchase.

Condition of the Locks

The windows of your home need to provide the proper comfort and security, and a huge part of this comes from quality, working locks on the windows. Are they going to get the job done in the event of a break-in? Locks can be replaced, but this is something that can likely be negotiated with the homeowner.

Frame Material and Quality

Are the window frames made of wood or vinyl?  Wooden frames should be inspected for cracks, warping and espe wear and signs of moisture and mold.

Feel for Drafts

Put your hand up to the window to see if you can detect any signs of draft flow.  When you can feel a draft, the windows are either outdated and not providing proper insulation or incorrectly sealed.

Have a Professional Take a Look

The professionals at American Window Products are here for you. Before the inspection or signing on the dotted line, you can contact us to take a look at the windows and suggest if they should be repaired or replaced.
The windows of any home are important assets that need to be paid attention. The more you know about any big investment, the better off you’ll be. The windows need to be in great shape to provide you with curb appeal, security and insulation.