All of us are far too familiar with the intense weather of a Jacksonville summer. From unbearable humidity to hurricane-force winds, your windows need a little extra help to get ready for the season. The clear goal is to keep cold air in and hot air outside your Jacksonville home. Unfortunately, it just isn’t that easy. The energy efficiency of your home becomes an area of concern when the utility bills start to rise. American Window Products is here to help you keep costs low when the temperature gets high. Take a look at our best recommendations on keeping your home cool and efficient when summer arrives in Florida:

The Real Reasons You Need Quality Windows in the Summer

Multi-Paned Low-E Glass Keeps Hot Air and UV Rays Outside Your Home

The first way modern window designs offer insulation benefits is in their top-quality design. Two-to-three panes of thick, high-quality glass keeps your home cool during the summer. An invisible coating of Low-E glass works its magic to block harmful UVs from entering your house. Thanks to modern window construction, leaky seals and indoor sunburns are things of the past. 


Multi-paned glass is unique in its ability to regulate the temperature of your home and boost its energy efficiency. Here’s how it works: two-to-three panes of glass are sealed tightly together to create a thick barrier between the inside of your home and the outside. There’s no better investment that better regulates interior temperatures and protects your home and family. 

Upgraded Frames are Key to Reduced Air Flow

The frame material and quality of the installation are just as important as the number of panes. Lucky for you, modern window frames are solid and require minimal maintenance to reap the year-round benefits. No need to worry about cracked frames or deterioration from sharp dips in temperature.


Multiple panes of glass and durable frames are a dual-threat to strong windows and high heat. The better your windows can maintain a desirable level of energy efficiency, the lower your utility bills and the more comfortable your home. 

A Few Simple Steps to Get Your Windows Ready

1. Check your window’s weatherstripping and replace any strips that appear worn

2. Control the humidity in your home with fans or a dehumidifier

3. Replace thin screens with durable storm screens

4. Work with a professional to ensure your windows are durable enough to withstand harsh summer weather


“I had a great experience with AWP. The installation was quick and professionally done with no mess whatsoever.  I have had a lot of companies not show up, not have the right equipment, or leave a mess behind. This company did none of that. The pricing was much better than expected.  They are an A+ team!”

- Bryce, American Window Products Google Review

Ensure Your Windows are Ready for the Changing Seasons

It’s as simple as this -- partnering with American Window Products is the most logical, cost-effective way to prepare your home for Jacksonville’s hot and humid weather. Every exprt recommends you plan ahead instead of suffering through high energy bills and an uncomfortable home this summer. 


“I'm one happy customer! A big thanks to Josh and Chad for an amazing job installing my new kitchen window. I would definitely do business with this company again!”

- Jerebi M., American Window Products


Are you 100-percent positive your windows can protect your home and family this summer? It’s our job to find out.. Reach out to American Window Products today to gain peace of mind