Homeowners just like you do months of research before they make an investment in new windows. If this sounds like you, we’re here to help make your decision process a bit easier. When it comes time to purchase new windows for your Jacksonville home, the choice you make boils down to quality, functionality and price. American Window Products is here to simplify everything from energy efficiency to Low-E glass. 


Every expert encourages homeowners and business owners to replace their windows every eight years or so. If you haven’t shopped for windows in the past decade, plenty has changed (for the better). Modern technology and features provide buyers like you with even more benefits. If our 37 years serving the Jacksonville community has taught us anything, it’s how to help people make the right purchase. 

Find the Perfect Style Fit for Your Jacksonville Home

Jacksonville houses can range from tiny beach bungalows to sprawling downtown estates. Every pocket within our city brings varying architecture and design trends. The windows you choose should seamlessly integrate into the style of your home. Here are a few of the most common options for upgraded windows: 


Sliding windows are a dependable, agreeable choice for Jacksonville homeowners. This is a great option if you need to stay within budget and crave a low maintenance option. With sliding windows, half on the windows opens. This potential setback can restrict maximum airflow.

Hy-Lite Acrylic Block windows are a simple way to increase privacy in areas like the closet and bathroom. Each block is double- or triple-paned to boost your home’s energy efficiency. Our team can help you determine the best about your many shape, size and customization options.

Casement windows are a great choice for homes that follow a contemporary design scheme. This choice provides a pivot mechanism based on hinges — a similar movement to when you open and closing a door. Expect casement windows to be taller than they are wide.


Our window professionals offer Jacksonville homeowners a wide variety of window design choices. From budget options to fully custom solutions, American Window Products goes above and beyond to help you select the perfect windows. Take a look at our website for a full overview of our product offerings. 

Clear Signs You’re Due for a Window Upgrade

There are a few straightforward ways to recognize if your windows are past their expiration date. If any of the items on this list sound familiar, we recommend you chat with an American Window Products licensed professional to determine your next steps. 


Difficult to Use: If you have a hard time when you attempt to open or lock your windows, it may be time for a repair or full replacement. It should be easy to perform basic window operations.

Evidence of Rotting or Peeling Paint: Older windows typically have countless layers of paint and often suffer from some level of wood rot. Alternatively, new vinyl and aluminum windows require little to no maintenance.

Condensation: Moisture that beads on the glass and disrupts your view often leads to mold and high utility bills. New windows offer prime energy efficiency benefits and reduce or eliminate the potential for water damage. 

Don’t Neglect the Importance of Energy Efficient Windows

Even if the environment isn’t a top priority of yours, we’re sure affordable utility bills are. Many educated buyers now understand the relationship between quality windows and an energy efficient home. 


When you begin your shopping process, keep an eye out for the R-value — an indicator of the energy efficiency of the materials and insulation. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation benefits. Also, take a look at the product’s U-factor — the rate of conducted non-solar heat flow. The lower the U-factor, the better the energy efficiency.


If you begin to feel overwhelmed by your choices, our American Window Products professionals are here to help every step of the way. It’s our job to help you select the perfect option for you, and that includes factors like energy efficiency.

Trust the Expertise of the American Window Products Team

Keep your shopping process easy this year. With all of the knowledge available online and with our team just a phone call away, there’s no reason to stress over an investment in new windows. Contact us today with any questions you have. We look forward to helping!