Windows with Low E glassAs a homeowner, you’re always interested in ways to better your home and increase value. Taking advantage of new technologies and advancements like Low-E glass windows will do just that. 
Unfortunately, most homeowners have no idea what Low-E glass is and all of the amazing benefits it offers. When you understand what this type of glass coating does and how it impacts your home and family, you’ll jump to get it installed! When you live in a hot, humid area like Jacksonville, Low-E glass can make all the difference.

A Coating on the Glass

 Low E-glass isn’t a type of window, it’s an invisible window coating. Any window you purchase or currently have can become a Low-E glass window. Low-E glass is basically a standard window that’s been coated with a powerful clear film. The film doesn’t change the appearance of the windows, but it greatly improves their effectiveness and efficiency.
Also, the Low-E glass coating is extremely low maintenance. No special cleaning or additional window maintenance is necessary! Once you apply the Low-E glass coating to your windows, you’ll get all the benefits with little to no impact on your wallet or stress levels.

Where the Coating is Located

Because of the impressive installation and placement of the Low-E glass coating, you don’t have to worry about scratching or scraping the coating when you clean your windows. The coating is cleverly put inside the glass of double-pane windows, so no amount of cleaner or cat claws can harm the Low-E. Clever, we know. The coating’s location provides the most benefit to you and your home without the risk of wear and tear.

Energy Efficiency Gains

Better energy efficiency in your home means lower energy bills each month. If that doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what will! A Low-E glass coating works to reflect sunlight and deflect heat. With a standard window that isn’t equipped with a Low-E coating, the heat warms up the glass and the inside of the home. A Low-E glass coating will keep your home much cooler and let your AC system work a little less hard.

UV Ray Protection

Protection from harmful UV rays is just another feature of Low-E glass. The same technology that keeps the heat out of your home will protect your family and furniture from sun damage. UV ray protection is very important in your home and Low-E glass provides the necessary protection.
Understanding this incredible advancement and the many benefits of Low-E glass gives you a clear idea of why it’s in such high demand. The energy efficiency gains, lower energy bill, UV ray protection and the maintenance free aspect prove Low-E glass to be a great improvement to your home.