If you’re into saving money, the short answer is no. We could probably end the blog post there, but we’re here with some straightforward reasons to #shoplocal when it comes to new windows. Jacksonville homeowners have many choices when it comes to window providers. American Window Products is the only locally owned company that can give you top-quality windows at competitive prices. Here are a few reasons to purchase your windows from one of Jacksonville’s family-owned companies:

One-on-One Service vs. Corporate Communication

This one’s pretty straightforward. Smaller companies can provide simplified communication instead of robotic phone messages and convoluted communication with multiple people in the department. At American Window Products, our small team specializes in happy customers. 


You will have one main point of communication when you partner with us for your new windows. 30+ years in the Jacksonville community allows us to form relationships based on goodwill, quality service and unparalleled expertise. 

True Expertise vs. Sales Quotas

Our team does one thing (and we do it well) -- install windows. Big box retailers have multiple departments and minimal specialized training. What does this mean for you, exactly? There’s a high possibility you’ll work with employees who know very little about windows. The main goal of many corporate salespeople is to close the deal, opposed to listening and educating.


American Window Products does it differently. We understand that every home and every homeowner is different. Everyone has different budgets, needs and floorplans. We put the person first, not the payday. Until you’re 100% thrilled with your decision, we’ll work closely with you to find the perfect model

In-House Installers vs. Outsourced Labor

Big-box stores partner with other companies to install your windows. They aren’t directly responsible for the quality of the installation. This can cause many issues that are often difficult to mitigate. Once you make the purchase, it’s out of their hands how the rest of your experience goes. 


The American Window products in-house crew includes salespeople, techs, installers and admin personnel. We never outsource and our training program is top-notch. Every installer undergoes rigorous training and evaluations before they ever install windows for a Jacksonville family. 

Our Local Windows Company Always Puts the Customer First

You’re our #1 priority. Instead of cutting corners with big-box retailer window departments, work with a local provider you can trust. Our team has been serving the Jacksonville community for over three decades, and we can’t wait to help you next.


I would recommend 100 percent. Very neat and very professional service. We love our new windows. Less noisy and we feel much safer. Thank you!

- Donna N., American Window Products 5-Star Google Review


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