This list could go on for ages and we still wouldn’t run out of the endless benefits of new windows. We may sound biased, but any one of our valued clients would tell you the same

The choice to invest in new window installation for your house is one that pays off substantially. Gorgeous homes all around Jacksonville understand the frustration of uneven temperature control, drafts and mildew. If your windows are eight-plus years old, you’re missing out on important energy and lifestyle benefits. Here’s what we’re talking about:

1. Protect Your Family and Home from Harmful UV Rays

15 minutes in the Florida sunshine proves just how strong and dangerous it can be. While you wouldn’t rub sunscreen on your windows to protect your house, you would outfit your glass with the right protection. Faded paint, furniture damage and poor temperature regulation are all clear signs your windows aren’t doing their job. 


So, what’s the solution? Low-E glass is a transparent coating on your window panes that keeps harmful UV rays from entering. Outdated single-pane windows offer little to keep your home and family safe from the intense Florida sun. New home windows often come with features like Low-E glass to prevent UV rays from entering your house.

2. Higher Resale Value 

Potential buyers look for a few key features before they choose to invest. A sturdy foundation, usual upkeep, an up-to-date HVAC and new windows are key components of a marketable home. If you intend to sell or refinance this year, new windows are a value add that yields a great return.


 A recent article by Zillow shows that updated windows are one of the most valuable ways to invest money in your home. The results of the study show you can expect to recoup around 80% of the cost of new windows. For example, investing $10,000 in new windows should yield a higher resale value of around $8,000. 

3. Keep Your Home Secure from Break-ins

Every homeowner’s main priority is to protect yourself and your family from anyone with unsavory intentions. Intruders immediately look for old and damaged windows when searching for an entry point. Modern windows are equipped with impressive locks and materials to prevent break-ins.


Window models that boast top security benefits are more important than ever for ground-floor windows. If your budget doesn’t allow for the replacement of every window in your home, we recommend you start with the first floor.

4. Eliminate Outdoor Noise Irritants

Even the most desirable pockets around Jacksonville come with a couple downsides. Certain areas of the Beaches, San Marco and Avondale offer beautiful homes with exposure to unwanted noise. If you notice car horns, children playing or dogs barking, your windows likely lack the necessary amount of panes. 


One of the most affordable, straightforward ways to eliminate unwanted noise is to prioritize new window installation. Double-paned windows are manufactured with airtight insulation to reduce drafts and noise flow. Even windows created five years ago don’t stack up to the noise reduction benefits of modern windows. 

5. Preserve the Foundation of Your Property

Black mildew and mold build-up is a common symptom of underperforming windows. When water droplets enter through cracked/warped windows, there’s a high chance it turns into mold growth. Unfortunately, mold causes thousands of dollars in damage and can be difficult to spot in old houses. 


Don’t panic! The situation can be remedied. New window installation is a clear way to reduce the risk of mold growth and practically eliminate its potential for growth in new homes. Windows must be installed by a professional to enjoy the airtight seal you need to keep mold from materializing. 

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