Double Pane Window.jpgOne of the most common things that a homeowner has to decide on when they are going about replacing their home windows is trying to choose between single pane and double pane windows. After your research, we know you will settle on double paned windows. There is just too much good about double paned windows in Jacksonville, FL to ignore them and go with the far inferior single paned windows.

Energy Efficiency Gains

One of the biggest benefits to double paned windows in Jacksonville, FL is the energy efficiency gains. You are going to have two layers of glass that are helping to insulate your home from the outside. This means that when it is very hot out, it is going to be much less likely for that heat to make it through the two panes of glass and into your home. This can make your home more comfortable and can also make it easier for your cooling equipment to keep your home at a temperature you desire.

Reducing Noise

Single pane windows are just not going to be all that good at reducing noise from the outside. This is because the noise only has to travel through that single pane of glass. Double paned windows in Jacksonville, FL are going to be far superior at reducing the amount of noise. By the time the noise gets through that first pane of glass, it will be weakened. When it hits the second pane of glass, it will be reduced to a level where you probably will not be able to hear it at all.

UV Ray Protection

Protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun is also something that you want to take note of. The sun can do a lot of damage when there is only a single pane of glass between yourself, your furniture, carpets, flooring, and the sun itself. Double paned windows in Jacksonville, FL can help you get the protection that you need so that you do not have to worry about those harmful UV rays.  

When you think about all of the benefits that come along with double paned windows, there really is no reason as to why you would go with the alternative. Even if cost is something that is a major driving factor, the energy efficiency gains will help to offset the cost of double paned windows in Jacksonville, FL over a period of time. American Window Products can help to get you set up with the perfect windows to make your home the safe and comfortable haven that it has always been intended to be.