Low E glass windowsWhen you’re in the market for new windows, there are a few key aspects you’re likely focusing on. The material, style and color of the windows is important to most homeowners, although they often neglect to consider the actual type of glass. The type of glass you use will have a huge impact on the benefits you experience. And as far as benefits go, Low E glass can’t be beat.Low E glass has been around for awhile, but is just now gaining lots of popularity. Advancements in the material have made it extremely budget-friendly and compatible in a wide variety of homes. Low E glass is an invisible film built into the glass to provide an incredible amount of benefits. For families, Low E glass is typically the ideal solution for a window replacement project.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The main idea behind Low E glass is to give windows more functionality, other than creating a barrier between your home and the outdoors. The primary benefit that Low E glass provides is greatly improving the energy efficiency of your home.

The Low E glass film does a great job of decreasing the amount of energy your home has to use. Consider your AC and how it affects the windows. In the hot summers, your air conditioning has to work around the clock. The amount of work it has to do to keep your home comfortable and cool depends on how energy efficient your home is. Low E glass gives your AC a break by decreasing how hard it has to work.

Lower Energy Costs

It’s pretty obvious that when you make your home more energy efficient, you also lower your monthly energy bills. The way Low E glass decreases energy costs ties back to the energy efficiency gains mentioned above.

Better UV Ray Protection

Everyone wants to feel safe in their home, but harmful UV rays pouring through the windows can deteriorate that safety. When the sun easily pours through the windows in your home, your family is exposed and, unfortunately, this can be extremely harmful overtime. Low E glass provides UV ray protection, so you no longer have to be considered about getting a sunburn while sitting in your living room. Low E glass is basically the equivalent to wearing sunscreen indoors.

The benefits of Low E glass are endless and completely outweigh the benefits of standard windows. When you’re ready to install new windows, it’s important to consider the benefits of Low E glass, like the energy efficiency gains, reduced energy bills and improved UV ray protection. The experts at American Window Products can help you add Low E glass to your new windows so you and your family can experience all of these benefits and more.